Fundamentals of Molecular Catalysis book cover

Fundamentals of Molecular Catalysis

Almost all contemporary organic synthesis involve transition metal complexes as catalysts or particular reagents. The aim of this book is to provide the reader with detailed accounts of elementary processes within molecular catalysis to allow its development and as an aid in designing novel catalytic systems. The book comprises authoritative reviews on elementary processes from experts working at the forefront of organometallic chemistry.

Students and researchers working in the fields of organometallic chemistry, catalysis, organic synthesis, polymer synthesis, and materials science. Universities with chemistry departments and libraries; companies with chemistry related researchers; Government institutes conducting chemical research.

Hardbound, 536 Pages

Published: April 2003

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-50921-5


  • General Introduction (A. Yamamoto). Activation of Substrates with Nonpolar Single Bonds (R.H. Crabtree, D-H. Lee). Activation of Substrates with Polar Single Bonds (S. Komiya, M. Hirano). Transition Metal-Carbene Complexes in Olefin Metathesis and Related Reactions (R.H. Grubbs). Transmetalation (K. Osakada). 1,2-Insertion and &bgr;-Elimination (P. Espinet, A.C. Albéniz). 1,1-Insertion into Metal-Carbon Bond (Y. Kayaki). Addition to Unsaturated Ligands (H. Kurosawa). Reductive Elimination (F. Ozawa).


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