Fundamentals of Mammography book cover

Fundamentals of Mammography

This practical and comprehensive guide is designed to help you obtain high quality mammography images through efficient, sensitive management of the patient and a thorough understanding of the anatomical basis of mammographic positioning and projections. Also includes information on basic mammographic interpretation and an outline of radiologic procedures.

Paperback, 176 Pages

Published: November 2002

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-443-07114-0


  • Mammography equipment and quality control. Film processing and quality control. Breast anatomy - implications for mammographic practice. Mammography - the first steps. Mammography - basic projections. Mammography - complementary projections. Mammography - tailoring the examination. Training, education and continuing professional development in mammographic practice. Quality assurance systems. The basis of mammographic interpretation. Breast screening. Psychological issues and communication.
    Appendices. Glossary. Index.


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