Fundamentals of Interface and Colloid Science book cover

Fundamentals of Interface and Colloid Science


This volume sets out the fundamental physical chemical concepts behind interface and colloid science. Starting from elementary principles, including those of classical thermodynamics and intermolecular interaction, it gradually progresses to more advanced topics such as partition functions and stochastic processes.Relevant mathematical techniques are explained in appendices. All that is required of the reader is a basic knowledge of physical chemistry, and research workers and graduates interested in colloid and interface science will welcome the wide ranging knowledge presented by the author and a team of experts. The discussions of many applications make the book of particular interest to those involved in practical research.

Physical chemists working in colloid, interface, and surface science. Industrial/Applied scientist in pigment, emulsion, dispersion, and powder research. Pharmaceutical chemists, membranes, and drug formulation.

Hardbound, 736 Pages

Published: January 1991

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-460525-1


  • "... With its companion volumes I feel this will become part of most colloid scientists' essential library." -S.J. Roser, Chemistry in Britain "This volume is...highly recommended to all colloid and physical chemists as one of the most thorough modern treatises on the fundamentals of Colloid and Interface Science and I am looking forward to the two further volumes still in preparation" -Carel J. van Oss, Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology


  • Introduction to Interfacial and Colloid Science. Thermodynamic Foundations of Interface and Colloid Science. Statistical Thermodynamical Foundations of Interface and Colloid Science. Interactions in Interface and Colloid Science. Electrochemistry and Its Application to Colloids and Interfaces. Transport Phenomena in Interface and Colloid Science. Optics and Its Application to Interface and Colloid Science. Appendix 1: Fundamental Constraints. Appendix 2: SI Prefixes. Appendix 3:Integral Characteristic Functions for Homogeneous Bulk Phases. Appendix 4: Differentials of Characteristic Functions for Homogeneous Bulk Phases. Appendix 5: Integral Characteristic Functions of Flat Surfaces. Appendix 6: Derivation of Macroscopic Quantities from Partition Functions. Appendix 7: Vectors and VectorFields. Introduction to Tensors. Appendix 8: Complex and Imaginary Quantities. Appendix 9: Hamaker Constraints. Appendix 10: Laplace and Fourier Transformations. Appendix 11: Time Correlation Functions. Subject Index.


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