Fundamental Chemical Kinetics

An Explanatory Introduction to the Concepts


  • M R Wright, University of St Andrews, UK

The unusual approach of this text gives final honours and post-graduate students a clear and explanatory account of one of the “harder” areas of physical chemistry. The author takes care to provide detailed verbal clarification of the concepts and their importance together with full explanations of the mathematical developments. Her explanations are an essential and vital feature of the text, which is scholarly, lucid and well-written with a combination of depth of coverage and clarity which helps students to work through on their own.
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Senior year undergraduate students and graduate students


Book information

  • Published: June 1999
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-898563-60-0


As I read the book I got the feeling that the author was looking over my shoulder making certain that I understood the concepts. In an excellent job, theories are clearly explained and chapters end with discussion on strengths and weaknesses of each topic in a natural flow of ideas. Results of each theory are compared to experimental data, & straightforward mathematical derivations., Chemical Education Today
The exposition is logical, thorough and reader-friendly. Diagrams feature abundantly, necessary mathematics are kept to a minimum, both supplemented by detailed explanations. I recommend this book for final year undergraduates and research workers in gas kinetics.’’, Education in Chemistry

Table of Contents

Introduction: Historical developments and modern kinetics; Basic transition state theory; Advanced transition state theory; Basic unimolecular theory; Advanced unimolecular theory; Potential energy surfaces; Simple and modified collision theory; State to state kinetics in energy transfer and reaction; Energy transfer; Molecular beam studies of reactive scattering.