Functional Organization of Vertebrate Plasma Membrane

Edited by

  • Vann Bennett, Duke University Medical Center, USA

Current Topics in Membranes is targeted toward scientists and researchers in biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology, providing the necessary membrane research to assist them in discovering the current state of a particular field and in learning where that field is heading. This volume covers recent breakthroughs in understanding the molecular and cellular basis for patterning vertebrate plasma membranes.  A special emphasis is placed on physiological function with chapters covering signaling in the nervous system and heart, vision, and the immune system. 
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Scientists and researchers in biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology


Book information

  • Published: November 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-417027-8

Table of Contents

  1. Spectrin- and Ankyrin-Based Membrane Domains and the Evolution of Vertebrates
    Vann Bennett and Damaris N. Lorenzo
  2. The Human Erythrocyte Plasma Membrane: A Rosetta Stone for Decoding Membrane -Cytoskeleton Structure
    Velia M. Fowler
  3. Membrane Protein Dynamics and Functional Implications in Mammalian Cells
    Francis J. Alenghat and David E. Golan
  4. Evolving Form to Fit Function: Cardiomyocyte Intercalated Disc and Transverse-Tubule Membranes
    Crystal F. Kline and Peter J. Mohler
  5. Excitable Domains of Myelinated Nerves: Axon Initial Segments and Nodes of Ranvier
    Kae-Jiun Chang and Matthew N. Rasband
  6. Microdomains of SNARE Proteins in the Plasma Membrane
    Geert van den Bogaart, Thorsten Lang and Reinhard Jahn
  7. Photoreceptor Inner and Outer Segments
    Sheila A. Baker and Vasily Kerov
  8. The Evolutionary Origin of Epithelial Cell-Cell Adhesion Mechanisms
    Phillip W. Miller, Donald N. Clarke, William I. Weis, Christopher J. Lowe and W. James Nelson
  9. Cell Biology Meets Physiology: Functional Organization of Vertebrate Plasma Membranes  - The immunological synapse
    Silvia Curado, Sudha Kumari and Michael L. Dustin