Functional Foods, Ageing and Degenerative Disease

Edited by

  • C Remacle
  • B Reusens, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

Degenerative diseases linked to ageing populations are a growing problem for the developed world. Edited by two authorities, this important collection reviews the role of functional foods in helping to prevent a number of such degenerative conditions, from osteoporosis and obesity to immune system disorders and cancer.

The book begins with a number of introductory chapters which discuss the regulation of functional foods in the EU, the role of diet generally in preventing degenerative disease. Part one then examines bone and oral health with chapters on the use of diet to control osteoporosis, the use of functional ingredients to improve bone strength, and ways of maintaining dental health. Part two discusses how obesity can be controlled, whilst part three looks at gut health and maintaining the immune function using functional ingredients such as probiotics and prebiotics. The final part of the book reviews research on functional foods and cancer with chapters on synbiotics, anti-angiogenic functional foods, glucosinolates, dietary fibre and phytoestrogens.

Functional foods, ageing and degenerative disease is a standard reference for all those concerned with the role of functional foods in the prevention and control of degenerative disease.
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Nutritionists, food scientists, physicians and other health professionals interested in the role of functional foods in the prevention and management of age-related degenerative diseases


Book information

  • Published: June 2004
  • Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-85573-725-9


In summary, this book represents a collection of articles written by researchers having considerable expertise in their respective fields. …the discusson parts and the concluding sections, future trends, are most valuable. …a usefull reference book for people working with diet and functional foods in the prevention and control of degenerative diseases., Scandinavian Journal of Nutrition
This Woodhead publication envelops the concept of developing different foods according to their effect on health., Food Review
…strongly recommended to all those engaged in this special human health problem as a reference handbook, providing detailed information on the role of functional foods in the prevention and control of degenerative disease., Advances in Food Science

Table of Contents

Regulatory context in the EU; Diet and the prevention of disease; Functional foods and age-related diseases. Part 1 Bone and oral health: Diet and control of osteoporosis; Phytoestrogens and the prevention of osteoporosis; Vitamin D fortification and bone health; Calcium citrate (TTC) and bone health; Diet, functional foods and oral health. Part 2 Obesity: Nutrient-gene interactions in the control of obesity; Satiety and the control of obesity; Nutrition, fat synthesis and obesity. Part 3 Gut health and immune function: Functional foods for gut health: an overview; Analysing gut microflora; Dietary lipids and immune function; Improving gut health in the elderly; Probiotics, prebiotics and gut health. Part 4 Cancer: Anti-angiogenic functional food, degenerative disease and cancer; Synbiotics and colon cancer; Identifying antimutagenic constituents of food; Glucosinolates and the prevention of cancer; Dietary fibre, phytoestrogens and the prevention of cancer; Food phenolics and cancer chemo prevention; Vitamins and prevention of cancer; probiotics in inflammatory bowel disease; Assesing the effectiveness of probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics in preventing disease.