Fruit and Vegetable Flavour book cover

Fruit and Vegetable Flavour

Recent Advances and Future Prospects

Consumer acceptance of food is highly dependent on flavour. This important collection reviews the chemical basis of fruit and vegetable flavour and current methods for improving the flavour of fruit and vegetable products.

Opening chapters outline the economic importance of flavour in fruit and vegetables. Part one investigates the formation of fruit and vegetable flavour and how it deteriorates after harvest. Part three contains chapters on flavour management during horticultural and postharvest operations. Chapters discuss the possibilities and limitations for flavour improvement by selection and breeding, and the role of maturity for improved fruit and vegetable flavour. Part four concludes the volume with a discussion of emerging trends in flavour manipulation, especially how knowledge of the genetic background of quality attributes can be applied to flavour improvement.

With its team of experienced international contributors Fruit and vegetable flavour: recent advances and future prospects is an essential reference for all those working in the food industry concerned with improving flavour in fruit and vegetables.

Hardbound, 336 Pages

Published: February 2008

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84569-183-7


  • Part 1 Introduction: Flavour quality of fruit and vegetables: Are we on the brink of major advances? Consumer acceptance of fruit and vegetables: The role of flavour and other quality attributes; Economic valuation of fruit and vegetable taste: Issues and challenges. Part 2 Flavour formation during growth and postharvest flavour changes: Formation of fruit flavour; Formation of vegetable flavour; Postharvest flavour deployment and degradation in fruits and vegetables; Importance of texture in fruit and vegetables and its interaction with flavour; Production of off-flavours in fruit and vegetables under fermentative conditions. Part 3 Flavour management: Fruit and vegetable flavour improvement by selection and breeding: Possibilities and limitations; Role of maturity for improved fruit flavour; Process flavours of allium vegetables. Part 4 Genetic background and future prospects: Genetic background of flavour: The case of the tomato; Genes involved in the biosynthesis of aroma volatiles in fruit and vegetables and biotechnological applications; Role of the metabolome diversity in fruit and vegetable quality: Multifunctional enzymes and volatiles; High throughput flavour profiling of fruit.


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