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From the Files of a Security Expert Witness

From the Files of a Security Expert Witness guides the reader through the experience of testifying in court on security issues in civil litigation. Written by one of the security profession's best-known expert witnesses, the book explores 36 cases that reflect the high drama of true crime, including kidnapping, rape, and murder. Many of these cases led to premises liability lawsuits based on claims of negligence, inadequate security, false arrest and imprisonment, excessive use of force, and others. Effective security specialists, whether or not they are considering becoming expert witnesses, should be familiar with the facts of these cases, their theories of liability and theories of defense.

Encompassing aspects of criminal and tort law, all within the context of forensic security consulting, this book offers valuable insights from an experienced security professional.


Security managers, security consultants, security professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, lawyers, expert witnesses

Paperback, 198 Pages

Published: August 2013

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-12-411625-2


  • Introduction



    Chapter 1 Greene v. Holy Spirit Hospital

    Chapter 2 Yamamoto v. Harbor View Homeowners Association

    Chapter 3 Fisk v. Silver Mine Hotel and Casino

    Chapter 4 Marcello v. Queen of Clubs

    Chapter 5 Chatalet, et al. v. FantasyForest, Inc.

    Chapter 6 McCortney v. Sky-high Casino

    Chapter 7 Crane v. Major Stores, Inc.

    Chapter 8 White v. Mid-American Inns

    Chapter 9 McCall v. Giant Stores

    Chapter 10 A Summarization of Cases Based on the Theory of Liability, False Arrest/False Imprisonment, and/or Excessive Use of Force

    Faratoom v. City University

    James v. Quickway Markets

    Garcia v. Grand Lion Hotel and Casino

    Hickham v. The Municipal Zoo

    Johnson v. Dandy Markets

    Washington v. Clouse & Fine’s Department Stores

    Chapter 11 A Summarization of Cases Predicated on Negligence as the Theory of Liability

    Miller v. Jason Cartwright & Greater Legion Hall

    Brown v. Ace Alarm Company

    Fujimoto v. Mid-Pacific Island Princess Hotel

    Kenworth v. Patriot’s Plaza

    Hernandez v. June Department Stores

    Brown v. Elanta Department Stores

    Washington vs. Crestview Country Club

    Chapter 12 A Summarization of Cases Based on Inadequate Security and/or Breach of Duty as the

    Theory of Liability

    Mullins v. City Library

    James v. Silver Discount Stores

    Holloman v. American Gas Stations

    Jones v. Highlight Casino & Hotel

    Franchetti v. Sunset Hotel Casino

    Chetikoff v. City Bowl

    Chapter 13 A Summarization of Lawsuits that Were Rejected or Failed for Unusual Reasons

    Castenada v. American Avocado Growers

    Hunt v. J.J. Stores

    Jackson v. National Discounters

    Universal Insurance Co. v. Gold Shield Security Services

    Henderson vs. Valley Mall

    Olea v. The Cleveland Hotel

    Heston v. Big Grand Stores

    Senior Citizen’s claim, Letter of Demand


    Appendix A Fair Warning: Avoid Victimization


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