From Academia to entrepreneur

Lessons from the real world


  • Eugene Khor, Chiticore Enterprises Inc.,Victoria, BC, Canada

From Academia to Entrepreneur: Lessons from the Real World provides practical advice on entrepreneurship, interspersed with insights the author gained from starting up his own business and in associations with other ventures. These same insights can be applied to bringing a technology concept from academia to an enterprise.

A few of the questions From Academia to Entrepreneur: Lessons from the Real World answers:

  • How do I pragmatically appraise business opportunities?
  • What traits should I look for in an enterprise?
  • What can and should I do with my concept while in academia, before entering such an endeavor?
  • How do I overcome risk aversion?
  • And most importantly, why should I be the one to build this business?

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Clinicians, engineers and scientists in academia, business, or government pursuing biomedical and associated research pondering turning their knowledge, results and experience into starting an enterprise.


Book information

  • Published: October 2013
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-410516-4

Table of Contents

1. Entrepreneuring Biomedical Science
2. The Academic-Business Conundrum.
3. Taking academic biomedical research beyond the lab bench.
4. To Become a Runway Entrepreneur From Academia
5. What is business?
6. Business plan
7. Raising funds
8. Quality Systems
9. About consultants
10. Action plan
11. When the rubber hits the road
12. Start-up battle gear essentials
13. Arrival