Fractures of the Facial Skeleton book cover

Fractures of the Facial Skeleton

'Fractures of the Facial Skeleton' is a new book based on two texts which have been required reading for the dental undergraduate until very recently: 'Killey's Fractures of the Mandible' and 'Fractures of the Middle Third of the Facial Skeleton'. Although the revised text remains an exam-based guide to both practical techniques and clinical information, the new structure and format reflects the changes in the patterns and treatment of facial injuries in the contemporary trauma environment.

Co-authored by two respected maxillofacial surgeons, this new book is invaluable for all trainees in oral and maxillofacial surgery. It is also a useful reference for plastic and otolaryngology trainees, as well as general, orthopaedic and accident surgeons.

Paperback, 208 Pages

Published: December 2000

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7236-1034-2


  • Aetiology, surgical anatomy and classification: Aetiology; Incidence; Surgical anatomy; Classification; Emergency and early management of facial trauma: Trauma survival; Management of facial injuries; Multiple facial injuries: an overview; Clinical assessment: Dento-alveola fractures; Fractures of the mandibular; Fractures of mid-facial skeleton; Diagnostic imaging: Imaging modalities; Imaging in the general management of the patient; Specific imaging for facial bone fractures; Treatment of dento-alveolar injuries: Introduction and classification; Clinical assessment; Treatment; Treatment of fractures of the mandible: Fractures of the tooth-bearing section of the mandible; Fractures of the mandible in children; Fractures of the condylar region; Fractures of the edentulous mandible; General principles of treatment of mandibular fractures; Treatment of fractures of the mid-face and upper face: General principles; Surgical approaches to fractures of the mid-face and upper face; Factures of the nasal bone; Fractures of the zygomatic complex; Fractures of the orbit; Le Fort I, II and III fractures; Fractures of the naso-ethmoid complex; Treatment of frontal sinus and craniofacial fractures; Postoperative care: Immediate postoperative phase; Intermediate postoperative care; Late complications; Complications: Delayed treatment; Complications arising during primary treatment; Late complications; Fractures associated with tissue loss: Factors affecting the wounding capacity of missiles; Principles of treatment


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