Fracture Mechanics book cover

Fracture Mechanics

Most design engineers are tasked to design against failure, and one of the biggest causes of product failure is failure of the material due to fatigue/fracture. From leading experts in fracture mechanics, this new text provides new approaches and new applications to advance the understanding of crack initiation and propagation. With applications in composite materials, layered structures, and microelectronic packaging, among others, this timely coverage is an important resource for anyone studying or applying concepts of fracture mechanics.


Graduate students and researchers studying mechanics. Appropriate for Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil, and Biomedical Engineers in the field of mechanics

Hardbound, 336 Pages

Published: October 2011

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-385001-0


  • Introduction

    Griffith Theory of Fracture

    Elastic Stress Field Around a Crack Tip

    Energy Release Rate

    Mixed Mode Fracture

    Crack Tip Plasticity

    Elastic-Plastic Fracture Criteria

    Interfacial Cracks Between Two Dissimilar Solids

    Cohesive Zone Model

    Appendix:  Stress Intensity Factors


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