Fractography in Failure Analysis of Polymers book cover

Fractography in Failure Analysis of Polymers

Fractography in Failure Analysis of Polymers provides a practical guide to the science of fractography and its application in the failure analysis of plastic components. In addition to a brief background on the theory of fractography, the authors discuss the various fractographic tools and techniques used to identify key fracture characteristics.

Case studies are included for a wide range of polymer types, applications, and failure modes, as well as best practice guidelines enabling engineers to apply these lessons to their own work. Detailed images and their appropriate context are presented for reference in failure investigations.

This text is vital for engineers who must determine the root causes of failure when it occurs, helping them further study the ramifications of product liability claims, environmental concerns, and brand image.

Plastics Professionals, including manufacturers, product designers, and consultants.
Forensic investigators, either plastics experts or mechanical engineers examining failed parts.
Educators in materials science.

Hardbound, 252 Pages

Published: May 2015

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-0-323-24272-1


  • 1. Introduction
    2. Fractography as a Failure Analysis Tool
    3. Instrumentation and Techniques
    4. Fractography Basics
    5. Common Mistakes
    6. Other Polymers
    7. Additional Case Studies


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