Fractal Geometry book cover

Fractal Geometry

Mathematical Methods, Algorithms, Applications

International authorities from Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Russia and South Africa focus on research on fractal geometry and the best practices in software, theoretical mathematical algorithms, and analysis. They address the rich panoply of manifold applications of fractal geometry available for study and research in science and industry: i.e., remote sensing, mapping, texture creations, pattern recognition, image compression, aeromechanical systems, cryptography and financial analysis. Economically priced, this important and authoritative reference source for research and study cites over 230 references to the literature, copiously illustrated with over 320 diagrams and photographs. The book is published for The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, co-sponsored with The Institute of Physics and The Institution of Electrical Engineers.

Applied mathematicians

Paperback, 244 Pages

Published: September 2002

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-904275-00-8


  • A fascinatingly informative book, recommended to all applied mathematicians, showing the diverse uses of fractal techniques, covered in a basic way so that the non-specialist will be able to understand., Mathematics Today


  • Chaotic dynamics in a simple aeromechanical system; Random walks with fluctuating step number, scale invariant behaviour, and self-organised-criticality; Fractional integrals, singular measures and epsilon functions; Diffusion on fractals: Efficient algorithms to compute the random walk dimension; Why study financial time series? Analysis of the limitations of fractal dimension texture segmentation for image Characterisation; Fractal basins of attraction in the inversion of gravity and magnetic data; Properties of fractal compression and their use in texture mapping; Fractal time and nested detectors; Deterministic chaos in digital cryptography; The making of fractal geometry in digital imaging.


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