Foundryman's Handbook

Facts, Figures, & Formulae

Provides practical guidance, suggestions and recommendations on making castings by all common casting methods. Aided by clear diagrams and comprehensive physical data tables, the text defines technical terms, details the procedures used in good foundry practice, describes the industrial plant used and gives lucid explanations of casting phenomena with helpful advice on overcoming problems encountered in casting processes. Thoroughly updated, the revisions for this edition include important new sections covering metal filtration, computer applications, resin-bonded sand, self-setting processes, mould and core coatings and feeding aids. Essential reading for anyone with an interest in foundry practice.

Of interest to foundrymen, metallurgists, materials scientists and metal component designers.


Published: July 1986

Imprint: Pergamon

ISBN: 978-0-08-033448-6


  • This is a standard textbook for casting...students should buy standard texts.
    Mr M D Jackson, Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical & Production Engineering, Leicester Polytechnic


  • Tables and general data. Sands and sand bonding systems, alternative moulding systems. Mould and core coating. Light casting alloys. Non-ferrous casting alloys. Iron castings. Die castings. Steel casting specifications. Application of insulating and exothermic risers to castings. Principal FOSECO products. Index.


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