Foundations of Massage book cover

Foundations of Massage

Foundations of Massage 3e is a comprehensive practical and theoretical foundation for all aspects of massage therapy.  The book prepares students for clinical practice through the presentation of step by step techniques and treatments.  This revision of this Australian text for the practice of massage therapy includes new material on specialised application of massage, such as providing services for people with disabilities, working in aged care and providing services for people with chronic disease states and life challenging illnesses.


Published: March 2010

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7295-7869-1


  • Foreword




    Section 1 A Framework for Massage Practice

    1: Philosophies, principles and definitions

    2: History of massage

    3: Massage and it’s role in an integrative health care model

    4: The importance of touch

    Section 2 The Professional Therapist

    5: Scope of practice, ethics and law in massage therapy practice

    6: Defining boundaries in the client practitioner relationship

    7: The evidence for massage therapy

    Section 3 Preparing for Massage Practice

    8: The massage setting

    9: Self care for the massage therapist

    10: Infection control in massage therapy practice

    Section 4 Making Initial Contact with the Client

    11: The health assessment process

    12: Precautions and safe practice for massage

    13: Pharmacological considerations for massage therapy practice

    Section 5 Providing the Massage Treatment

    14: Body mechanics for the practice of massage

    15: Positioning and draping the client

    16: The techniques Swedish massage

    17: Applying massage in practice

    Section 6 Massage for Specific Client Groups

    18: Massage for clients with special needs

    19: Massage during pregnancy

    20: Massage for infants

    Appendix 1 Anatomical terminology

    Appendix 2 The human skeleton

    Appendix 3 Overview of the muscular system



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