FORTRAN 90 for Scientists and Engineers book cover

FORTRAN 90 for Scientists and Engineers

The introduction of the Fortran 90 standard is the first significant change in the Fortran language in over 20 years. this book is designed for anyone wanting to learn Fortran for the first time or or a programmer who needs to upgrade from Fortran 77 to Fortran 90.Employing a practical, problem-based approach this book provides a comprehensive introduction to the language. More experienced programmers will find it a useful update to the new standard and will benefit from the emphasis on science and engineering applications.

Scientists and Engineers

Paperback, 368 Pages

Published: April 1994

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-340-60034-4


  • Getting going * Elementary Fortran: 1 * Elementary Fortran: 2 * Program preparation * Decisions * Loops * Errors * Subprograms and modules * Arrays * Advanced input and output * Handling characters * Derived Types: structures * Pointer variables * Simulation * Matrices and their applications * Introduction to numerical methods * Order of statements in a program unit * Summary of Fortran 90 statements * Intrinsic procedures * ASCII character codes * Solutions to selected exercises.


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