Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover


  • Norton J. Lapeyrouse

The most complete manual of its kind, this handy book gives you all the formulas and calculations you are likely to need in drilling operations. New updated material includes conversion tables into metric. Separate chapters deal with calculations for drilling fluids, pressure control, and engineering. Example calculations are provided throughout.Presented in easy-to-use, step-by-step order, Formulas and Calculations is a quick reference for day-to-day work out on the rig. It also serves as a handy study guide for drilling and well control certification courses. Virtually all the mathematics required out on the drilling rig is here in one convenient source, including formulas for pressure gradient, specific gravity, pump output, annular velocity, buoyancy factor, volume and stroke, slug weight, drill string design, cementing, depth of washout, bulk density of cuttings, and stuck pipe.
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Drilling Engineers, Petroleum Engineers


Book information

  • Published: November 2002
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-7452-2


The authors statement that, 'this handy book gives you all the formations and calculations you are likely to need drilling operations' is justified due to the completeness and easy use of the information....The entire format has clearly been made with the user in mind... (Applied Mechanics Reviews, Vol. 46 No. 1)

Table of Contents

PrefaceChapter 1: Basic FormulasPressure GradientHydrostatic PressureConverting Pressure into Mud WeightSpecific GravityEquivalent Circulating DensityMaximum Allowable Mud WeightPump OutputAnnular VelocityCapacity FormulasControl DrillingBuoyancy FactorHydrostatic Pressure Decrease When Pulling Pipe Out of the HoleLoss of Overbalance Due to Falling Mud LevelFormation TemperatureHydraulic HorsepowerDrill Pipe/Drill Collar CalculationsPump Pressure/Pump Stroke RelationshipCost Per FootTemperature Conversion FormulasChapter 2: Basic CalculationsVolumes and StrokesSlug CalculationsAccumulator CapacityBulk Density of CuttingsDrill String Design (Limitations)Ton-Mile CalculationsCementing CalculationsWeighted Cement CalculationsCalculations for the Number of Sacks of Cement RequiredCalculations for the Number of Feet to Be CementedSetting a Balanced Cement PlugDifferential Hydrostatic Pressure Between Cement in the Annulus and Mud Inside the CasingHydraulicing CasingDepth of a WashoutLost Returns - Loss of OverbalanceStuck Pipe CalculationsCalculations Required for Spotting PillsPressure Required to Break CirculationChapter 3: Drilling FluidsIncrease Mud DensityDilutionMixing Fluids of Different DensitiesOil Based Mud CalculationsSolids AnalysisSolids FractionsDilution of Mud SystemDisplacement - Barrels of Water/Slurry RequiredEvaluation of HydrocyloneEvaluation of CentrifugeChapter 4: Pressure ControlKill Sheets and Related CalculationsPrerecorded InformationKick AnalysisPressure AnalysisStripping/Snubbing CalculationsSubsea ConsiderationsWorkover OperationsChapter 5: Engineering CalculationsBit Nozzle Selection - Optimized HydraulicsHydraulics AnalysisCritical Annular Velocity and Critical Flow Rated ExponentCuttings Slip VelocitySurge and Swab PressuresEquivalent Circulation DensityFracture Gradient Determination - Surface ApplicationDirectional Drilling CalculationsMiscellaneous Equations and CalculationsAppendix AAppendix BIndex