Forest Soils Research: Theory Reality and its Role in Technology Transfer

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  • Margaret Gale, Science Michigan Technological University, Houghton, USA

This collection represents a unique set of essays on the role of theory in shaping the practice of medicine across disciplinary boundaries. In the context of this volume, “theory” relates to the conceptual models, frameworks, knowledge representations, metaphors and analogies that inform the problem-solving efforts of practitioners seeking to develop novel dialogues both within and across disciplinary boundaries.Contributors to this volume include computational scientists, chemists, medical researchers, biologists and philosophers, all drawing on personal experience in their respective fields to produce a genuinely interdisciplinary range of perspectives on the common theme of theory in medical thinking and multidisciplinary research practice.
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Students and researchers interested in forest management, environmentalists, agriculturalists, and ecologists


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  • Published: December 2005
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-51634-3

Table of Contents

Forest Soils Education and Research: Trends, Needs, and Wild IdeasR.F. Fisher (Diboll, TX, USA), T.R. Fox, R.B. Harrison (USA) and T. Terry (Weyerhaeuser Company, WA, USA) Section 1: Forest Soils Research Needs for Developing Sustainable Criteria Progress Towards More Uniform Assessment and Reporting of Soil Disturbance for Operations, Research, and Sustainability ProtocolsM.P. Curran (Nelson, Canada), R.E. Miller (Olympia, WA, USA), S.W. Howes (Portland, OR, USA), D.G. Maynard (Victoria, Canada), T.A. Terry (Centralia, WA, USA), R.L. Heninger (Springfield, OR, USA), T. Niemann (Victoria, Canada), K. van Rees (Saskatoon, Canada), R.F. Powers (Redding, CA, USA) and S.H. Schoenholtz (Corvallis, OR, USA) The North American Long-Term Soil Productivity Experiment: Findings From the First Decade of ResearchR.F. Powers (Redding, CA, USA), D. Andrew Scott (Pineville, LA, USA), F.G. Sanchez (Research Triangle Park, NC, USA), R.A. Voldseth (Grand Rapids, MN, USA), D. Page-Dumroese (Moscow, ID, USA), J.D. Elioff (Grand Rapids, MN, USA) and D.M. Stone (USA) Indices of Soil Nitrogen Availability for an Ecological Site Classification of British ForestsS.McG. Wilson (Aberdeen, UK), D.G. Pyatt, D. Ray (Midlothian, UK), D.C. Malcolm (Edinburgh, UK) and T. Connolly(Midlothian, UK) Do Rates of Litter Decomposition Tell Us Anything We Really Need to Know?C.E. Prescott (Vancouver, Canada) Carbon and Nitrogen in Forest Soils: Potential Indicators for Sustainable Management of Eucalypt Forests in South-Eastern AustraliaP. Hopmans (Heidelberg, Australia), J. Bauhus (Freiburg, Germany), P. Khanna (Göttingen, Germany) and C. Weston (Creswick,Australia) Methods of Microbial Community Profiling and Their Application to Forest SoilsS.E. Leckie (Vancouver, Canada) Effect of Clear-Cutting and Site Preparation on the Level and Quality of Groundwater in Some Headwater catchments in eastern FinlandH. Mannerkoski, L. Finér, S. Piirainen (Joensuu, Finland) and M. Starr (Helsinki, Finland)Section 2: Use of Forest Soils Research for Landscape Level ManagementVariation in Infiltration with Landscape Position: Implications for Forest Productivity and Surface Water QualityT.J. Sauer, S.D. Logsdon (Ames, IA, USA), J. Van Brahana and J.F. Murdoch (Fayetteville, AR, USA)Soil Erodibility and Erosion Hazard: Extending these Cornerstone Soil Conservation Concepts to Headwater Streams in the Forestry Estate in TasmaniaP. McIntosh and M. Laffan (Tasmania, Australia) Soil and Foliar Phosphorus as Indicators of Sustainability for Pinus Radiata Plantation Forestry in New ZealandD.J. Palmer, D.J. Lowe (Hamilton, New Zealand), T.W. Payn, B.K. Höck (Rotorua, New Zealand), C.D.A. McLay (HamiltonEast, New Zealand) and M.O. Kimberley (Rotorua, New Zealand) Section 3: Fire Effects on Soils and EcosystemsThe Effects of Wildfire, Salvage Logging, and Post-Fire N-Fixation on the Nutrient Budgets of a Sierran ForestD.W. Johnson, J.F. Murphy, R.B. Susfalk, T.G. Caldwell, W.W. Miller, R.F. Walker (Reno, NV, USA) and R.F. Powers (Redding,CA, USA) Post-Fire Vegetative Dynamics as Drivers of Microbial Community Structure and Function in Forest SoilsS.C. Hart (Flagstaff, AZ, USA), T.H. DeLuca (Missoula, MT, USA), G.S. Newman (Flagstaff, AZ, USA), M.D. MacKenzie (Missoula, MT, USA) and S.I. Boyle (Flagstaff, AZ, USA) The Role of Fire and Nutrient Loss in the Genesis of the Forest Soils of Tasmania and Southern New ZealandP.D. McIntosh, M.D. Laffan (Tasmania, Australia) and A.E. Hewitt (Canterbury, New Zealand)Coarse Woody Debris Dynamics in a Post-Fire Jack Pine Chronosequence and its Relation with Site ProductivityS. Brais, F. Sadi, Y. Bergeron and Y. Grenier (Quebec, Canada) A Comparison of Soil Properties After Contemporary Wildfire and Fire SuppressionJ. Hatten, D. Zabowski, G. Scherer and E. Dolan (Seattle, WA, USA) Section 4: Forest Soils and Carbon SequestrationForest Soils and Carbon SequestrationR. Lal (Columbus, OH, USA) Experience with Patterns of Change in Soil Carbon Resulting from Forest Plantation Establishment in Eastern AustraliaJ. Turner, M.J. Lambert (Eastwood, Australia) and D.W. Johnson (Reno, NV, USA)What the Soil Reveals: Potential Total Ecosystem C Stores of the Pacific Northwest Region, USAP.S. Homann (Bellingham, WA, USA), M. Harmon, S. Remillard (Corvallis, OR, USA) and E.A.H. Smithwick (Madison, WI,USA) Soil Carbon Distribution and Quality in a Montane Rangeland-Forest Mosaic in Northern UtahH. Van Miegroet (Old Main Logan, UT, USA), J.L. Boettinger, M.A. Baker, J. Nielsen (Logan, UT, USA), D. Evans (Old Main Logan, UT, USA) and A. Stum (Logan, UT, USA) Long-Term Changes in Forest Floor Processes in Southern Appalachian ForestsJ.D. Knoepp (Otto, NC, USA), B.C. Reynolds (Asheville NC, USA), D.A. Crossley (Athens, GA, USA) and W.T. Swank (Otto,NC, USA) Nitrogen-Fertilization Impacts on Carbon Sequestration and Flux in Managed Coastal Douglas-Fir Stands of the Pacific NorthwestA.B. Adams, R.B. Harrison, R.S. Sletten, B.D. Strahm, E.C. Turnblom and C.M. Jensen (Seattle, WA, USA) Conference Overview and Wrap-UpForest Soils Research and Changing Societal Needs and ValuesW.W. McFee (West Lafayette, IN, USA) and J.M. Kelly (Bl