Food Tourism Around The World

Development, Management and Markets

Edited by

  • C. Michael Hall, Professor of Marketing, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand; Docent, Department of Geography, University of Qulu,Finland; and Visiting Professor, Stirling University, Scotland, UK
  • Liz Sharples, Senior Lecturer in Faculty of Organisation and Management, Sheffield Hallam University, UK; Course leader for the Events Management undergraduate programme.
  • Richard Mitchell, Senior Lecturer, Department of Tourism, University of Otago, NZ
  • Niki Macionis, University of Canberra, Centre for Tourism and Leisure Policy Research
  • Brock Cambourne, National Capital Wine Tours, and Benchmark Tourism Consulting, Canberra, Australia

Food and wine are vital components of the tourism experience, and are increasingly being seen as prime travel motivators in their own right. Food Tourism Around The World: Development, Management and Markets offers a unique insight into this phenomenon, looking at the interrelationship between food, the tourism product and the tourist experience.Using international case studies and examples from Europe, North America, Australasia and Singapore, Food Tourism Around The World: Development, Management and Markets discusses the development, range and repurcussions of the food tourism phenomenon. The multi-national contributor team analyses such issues as:* the food tourism product* food tourism and consumer behaviour* cookery schools - educational vacations* food as an attraction in destination marketingIdeal for both students and practioners, the book represents the most comprehensive and wide-ranging treatment yet of this recent development in tourism.
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Undergraduates and postgraduates on the following courses: hotel and catering management/hospitality management, food marketing management, tourism studies/tourism management, agricultural/ marketing/agricultural economics, culinary arts/gastronomy. Also practitioners, consultants and providers eg tourist groups etc.


Book information

  • Published: July 2003
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-5503-3


" spite of this ‘topsy-turvy’ time we live in, I found much of this book highly thought provoking, timely and rewarding. ...primarily written for upper-level and graduate students with a particular interest in this specialist area. It will also be useful to researchers and practitioners in the field of tourism, hospitality, food studies and rural regional development." - Andy Gatleya, School of Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure, Thames Valley University, London

Table of Contents

Food tourism: an introduction (the editors); Food tourism and consumer behaviour (Mitchell & Hall); Food tourism in the peak district, england (Sharples); Learning about food on holiday: the expanding european market of cookery schools and food exploration holidays (Sharples); Restaurants and tourism in the kingdom of the Zulu (Preston-Whyte); Food tourism in Papua New Guinea (LeGrys); Tea, travel and tourism (Jolliffe); The lure of food: food as an attraction in destination marketing - Manitoba, Canada (Selwood); Food tourism, regional development and the development of rural wine and food tourism networks (Hall, Mitchell & Sharples); Valorising through tourism in rural areas (Eastham); Tasting Australia: linking food, wine and tourism in Canberra (Cambourne & Macionis); Food tourism in the Niagara region: the development of a new cuisine (Telfer); New global cuisine: tourism authenticity and sense of place in postmodern gastronomy (Scarpato); The future of food tourism (the editors); EXHIBITS Restaurants in the Sky (Clark & Sharples); Gastronomic preferences and service expectations of american tourists in Mexico (Bernard); Singapore food festival (Hall); Taste hawkes bay(Hall); Food tourism and the alto minho (Hall); Farmers markets in Ontario (Hall); Tourism and the ademalise and victoria markets (Mitchell & Hall); Food tourism and the media (Scarpato); The expanding north american cookery school market (Andrich); Portuguese food amongst UK residents (Fields & Fernandez); Food trails in Austria (Meyer-Cech); Oktoberfest in America (Janiskee); Index