Food Science and Human Nutrition

Edited by

  • G. Charalambous

This volume brings together 63 papers dealing with chemical, biochemical, sensory, microbiological, nutritional, technological and analytical aspects of foods for human consumption. The information presented is of considerable interest to all researchers, analysts, nutritionists, manufacturers, packagers, etc., involved in the perennial effort to gain more insight into the correlation between food science and human nutrition. (Limitation of space allows only a selection of papers to be mentioned).
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Book information

  • Published: May 1992
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-88834-1

Table of Contents

Preface. List of Contributors. Evaluation of Urtica Species as Potential Sources of Important Nutrients (H.Wetherilt). Alternates to Synthetic Antioxidants (R.J. Evans andG.S. Reynhout). Utilization of Cottonseed Protein in PreparingNew Edible Food Products (Y.G. Moharram and N.S. Abu-Foul).Computer-Aided Organic Synthesis Applied to the Study ofFormation of Aroma Compounds. Thermal Degradation of DiallylDisulfide (G. Vernin, J. Metzger et al.). Flavor Compounds inMaple Syrup (I. Alli, E. Akochi-k and S. Kermasha). Analysis ofthe Volatile Constituents of a Special Type of White Bread (M.E.Komaitis, G. Angelousis and N. Giannonits-Argyriadis). DefiningRoasted Peanut Flavor Quality. Part I. Correlation of GCVolatiles with Roast Color as an Estimate of Quality (J.R.Vercellotti, K.L. Crippen et al.). Growth Response of theMushroom Agaricus campestris to Nitrogen Sources whenCultivated in Submerged Fermentation (A.M. Martin). ImprovedRetention of Mushroom Flavor in Microwave-Hot Air Drying (L.F.Di Cesare, M. Riva and A. Schiraldi). Water Sorption Hysteresisin Potato Starch and Egg Albumin (M. Lagoudaki and P.G.Demertzis). Soluble Coffee's New Biotechnology (R.L. Colton).Sensory and Analytical Evaluation of Beers Brewed with ThreeVarieties of Hops and an Unhopped Beer (N.B. Sanchez, C.L.Lederer et al.). Low-Alcohol Content Wine-Like Beverages. StorageStability of those Obtained from Dealcoholized Wines (M.D.Salvador, R. Perez et al.). Synthesis of Optically Active WhiskyLactone (Y. Noda and M. Kikuchi). Microbiological Changes Duringthe Ripening of Turkish White Pickled Cheese (M. Karakus and I.Alperden). Problems Associated with the Processing of CucumberPickles: Softening, Bloater Formation and Environmental Pollution(A.A. Guillou and J.D. Floros). Retention of Added Acids Duringthe Extrusion of Corn Starch/Isolated Soy Protein Blends (J.A.Maga and C.H. Kim). Capsaicinoids: Analogue Composition ofCommercial Products (J.A. Maga and H. Bel-Haj). Influence ofCultivar and Processing on Peach Drink Acceptability and Yield(J.A. Maga and R.A. Renquist). Investigation of the PropertiesInfluencing Popcorn Popping Quality (J.A. Maga and B. Blach).Spaghetti Products Containing Dried Distillers Grains (K. VanEveren, J.A. Maga and K. Lorenz). Potential Applications ofSupercritical Carbon Dioxide Separations in Soybean Processing(Z.L. Nikolov, P. Maheshwari et al.). Effects of GlucoseOxidase-Catalase on the Flavor Stability of Model Salad Dressings(D.B. Min and B.S. Mistry). Fatty Acid Composition of the Total,Neutral and Phospholipids of the Brazilian Freshwater FishColossoma macropomum (E.L. Maia and D.B. Rodriguez-Amaya). Carotenoid Composition of the Tropical Fruits Eugeniauniflora and Malpighia glabra (M.L. Cavalcante andD.B. Rodriquez-Amaya). An Overview of Aseptic Processing ofParticulate Foods (N.G. Stoforos). Diabetes: Food Nutrition, Dietand Weight Control (A.A. Khan). Current Approaches to the Studyof Meat Flavor Quality (A.M. Spanier). Consumer Acceptability ofAlgin Restructured Beef (J.A. Maga, L. Dwyer and G.R. Schmidt).Formation of Dialkylthiophenes in Maillard Reactions InvolvingCysteine (G.P. Rizzi, A.R. Steimle and D.R. Patton). Listeriamonocytogenes and its Fate in Meat Products (J.N. Sofos).Subject Index.