Food Packaging

Edited by

  • Takashi Kadoya, Kanagawa University, Hiratsuka, Japan

This book describes the basic principles of food packaging, as well as recent advances in new materials. The Japanese are world leaders in this area, and detailed information on certain aspects of their industry are presented in this volume.
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Professionals in the food packaging industry and undergraduate and graduate students in food science.


Book information

  • Published: December 1990
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-393590-8

Table of Contents

Fundamentals of Foods:T. Yano, Physical Properties and Microbiology of Foods.S. Matsusuhita, Oxidation of Foods.New Food Packaging Materials:A. Kishimoto, New Food Packaging Materials--An Introduction.M. Sumimoto, Paper and Paperboard Containers.H. Matsubayashi, Metal Containers.Y. Yamato, Glass Containers.K. Kondo, Plastic Containers.Food Packaging and Energy:T. Kadoya, Food Packaging and Energy in Japan--Energy Analysis of Consumer Beverage Containers.Packaging Systems and Technology of Food Materials:H. Nakai, Recent Development of Packaging Machinery in Japan.New Trends in the Technology of Food Preservation:M. Yokoyama, New Trends in the Technology of Food Preservation--An Introduction.K. Yamaguchi, Retortable Packaging.M. Yokoyama, Aseptic Packaged Foods.Y. Harima, Free Oxygen Scavenging Packaging.K. Ono, Frozen Food and Oven-Proof Trays.K. Satomi, Gas-Exchange Packaging.N. Yamaguchi, Vacuum Packaging.Packaging Fresh and Processed Foods:A. Yamane, Fruits.M. Ohkubo, Vegetables.Y. Tomioka, Fresh Meat.Y. Tohma, Meat By-Products.T. Fujita, Seafood Products.S. Sasayama, Fish Meat By-Products.K. Ono, Dairy Products.S. Minakuchi and H. Nakamura, Cake and Snack Foods.Physical Distribution and Food Packaging:Y. Hasegawa, Physical Distribution of Packaged Foods.Index.