Food Freezing and Frozen Food Storage book cover

Food Freezing and Frozen Food Storage

While understanding the quantitative impact of storage on the quality of frozen food is key, there are other significant concepts to be understood in order to develop an optimal system. Written by industry expert Dennis Heldman, Food Freezing and Frozen Food Storage presents an evaluation of all aspects of the frozen food chain with particular emphasis on providing a basis for improving the sustainability of frozen foods.

Beginning with food composition and the unique impact of composition on all aspects of the freezing process and the stability of frozen food quality during storage, this book includes examples of process analysis and design to guide the reader through the planning and implementation of a sustainable, efficient and effective process design in a quantitative manner.


Professionals and advanced and continuing education students involved in frozen food industry including engineers, packagers and processors.

Hardbound, 400 Pages

Published: June 2015

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-407235-0


  • Chapter 1 - Introduction

    Chapter 2 - Food freezing systems

    Chapter 3 - Thermodynamics of freezing and thawing processes

    Chapter 4 - Frozen food properties

    Chapter 5 - Temperature distributions during freezing and thawing

    Chapter 6 - Time to freeze and thaw

    Chapter 7 - Cost to freeze

    Chapter 8 - Process impact on frozen food quality

    Chapter 9 - Frozen Food Storage

    Chapter 10 - Future of frozen food industry


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