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Food Chemical Safety


The use of additives in foods remains both widespread and, for some consumers, controversial. Additives are used for a wide range of purposes, particularly in improving the quality of food products. Whilst valuing products with the right taste, colour and texture and shelf-life, consumers have expressed reservations about the safety of the additives used to enhance these qualities. These concerns have increased the pressure on the food industry to demonstrate the safe use of additives in food. With its distinguished international team of contributors, this important collection reviews both the regulatory context and the methods used to analyse, assess and control the use of additives in food processing.

Part one of the book looks at regulation in the EU and the US. Part two discusses analytical issues. There are chapters on the use of risk analysis in assessing the impact of additives on consumer health, quality control of analytical methods, and new more rapid and targeted methods in detecting and measuring additives in foods. There is also an important review of adverse reactions to additives covering such issues as monitoring, trends in reporting and the evidence concerning major additives. Part three of the book looks at some of the key groups of additives, from colorants and flavourings to texturing agents and antioxidant preservatives.

Food chemical safety Volume 2: Additives is a valuable reference for all those concerned with the use of additives in food.

Food analysts, researchers, educationalists, food scientists and technologists, food industry leaders


Published: February 2002

Imprint: Woodhead Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-85573-563-7


  • …an excellent reference text., Food Technology in New Zealand
    … valuable and, as expected, up-to-date. …David Watson has done a sterling job of drawing together authoritative technical information on food additives in this single text. I can whole-heartedly recommend this text to food analysts, researchers, educationalists, food scientists and technologists, and food industry leaders., Food Technology in New Zealand


  • Part 1 General issues: Regulation of additives in the EU; Regulation of additives in the USA. Part 2 Analysing additives: Risk analysis of food additives; Analytical methods: Quality control and selection; New methods in detecting food additives; Adverse reactions to food additives. Part 3 Specific additives: Colorants; Safety assessment of flavor ingredients; Sweeteners; Food additives, other than colours and sweeteners; The regulation of antioxidants in foods.


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