Fluoroplastics, Volume 2 book cover

Fluoroplastics, Volume 2

Melt Processible Fluoropolymers - The Definitive User's Guide and Data Book

Fluoroplastics, Volume 2 compiles in one place a working knowledge of the polymer chemistry and physics of melt processible fluoropolymers with detailed descriptions of commercial processing methods, material properties, fabrication and handling information, technologies, and applications. Also, history, market statistics, and safety and recycling aspects are covered. Both volumes contain a large amount of specific property data which is useful for users to readily compare different materials and align material structure with end use applications.Volume 2 concentrates on melt-processible fluoropolymers used across a broad range of industries including automotive, aerospace, electronic, food, beverage, oil/gas, and medical devices. Materials include fluorocopolymers and specific other fluorine-containing polymers, which are by-and-large melt-processible. Since the first edition was published many new technical developments and market changes have taken place and new grades of materials entered the market. This new edition is a thoroughly updated and significantly expanded revision covering new technologies and applications, and addressing the changes that have taken place in the fluoropolymer markets.

Fluoroplastics, Volume 2 is an all-encompassing handbook for melt processible fluoropolymers - unique reference for professionals in the fluoropolymer industry and fluoropolymer application industries.


Engineers and other professionals that use and process fluoropolymers across different industries in all important segments including automotive, aerospace, electronic, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, chemical processing industries, semiconductors, furniture, printing/publishing, lubricant oil/grease, oil/gas, medical devices, plastic compounders.

Professionals involved in polymer manufacturing and part fabrication.

End-users of fluoropolymers and students.


Published: August 2015

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-1-4557-3197-8


  • TABLE OF CONTENTS (SHORT):Introduction PART I1 DISCOVERY AND HISTORY OF FLUOROPOLYMERS (new chapter)2 Production and Market Statistics (new chapter)3 Fundamentals 4 Fluoropolymers: Properties and Structure5 Operational Classification of Fluoropolymers6 Monomers7 Polymerization and Finishing Melt Processible Fluoropolymers8 Commercial Grades of Fluorinated Copolymers PART II9 Injection Molding 10 Extrusion 11 Rotational Molding and Linings12 Other Molding Techniques13 Fluoropolymer Foams PART III14 Chemical Properties of Fluoropolymers 15 Properties of Fluoropolymers16 Fabrication Techniques For Fluoropolymers17 Applications in Microelectronics Industry18 Typical Applications of Fluoropolymers19 Safety, Disposal, and Recycling of FluoropolymersAppendix I: High Temperature Resistance of Fluoropolymers in Automotive FuelsAppendix II: Permeation Properties of PerfluoroplasticsAppendix III: Permeation Properties of Partially Fluorinated FluoroplasticsAppendix IV: Permeation of Automotive Fuels Through FluoroplasticsAppendix V: Permeation of Organic and Inorganic Chemicals Through Fluoroplastic Films Appendix VI: Mechanical, Thermal, Electrical, Physical, and Miscellaneous Properties of FEP FilmsAppendix VII: Modulus Data for FluoroplasticsGlossary GeneralSemiconductor Glossary TrademarksIndex


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