Fluid Mechanics of the Atmosphere book cover

Fluid Mechanics of the Atmosphere

Fluid Mechanics of the Atmosphere presents the fundamental equations which govern most of the flow problems studied by atmospheric scientists. The equations are derived in a systematic way that is intended to facilitate critical evaluation. The goal of this text is twofold. First the book supplies the student a background familiarity in the underlying physics behind the mathematics. Second it explores some systematic methods of relating these physics to atmospheric problems, including rotating frames of reference effects, vorticity dynamics, and turbulence effects on closure.

Students in atmospheric sciences, meteorology, atmosphere physics, geophysics, and applied mathematics.

Included in series
International Geophysics

Hardbound, 512 Pages

Published: February 1991

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-137040-4


  • Fundamentals: Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics. Flow Parameters. Methods of Analysis. Tensors and Relative Motion. The Governing Equations for Fluid Flow: Conservation of Mass--Continuity. Momentum Dynamics. Conservation of Energy. Vorticity. Potential Flow. Perturbation Equations. Boundary Layers. Answers to Selected Problems. Index.


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