Fish Respiration, 17 book cover

Fish Respiration, 17


Published: June 1998

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-350441-8


  • Red Blood Cell Physiology and Biochemistry:Hemoglobin Structure and Function, F. Jensen, A. Fago, and R.E. Weber.Red Blood Cell Metabolism, P.J. Walsh, C.M. Wood, and T.W. Moon.Carbonic Anhydrase and Respriatory Gas Exchange, R.P. Henry, T.A. Heming.Oxygen:The Physiology of the Root Effect, B. Pelster and D. Randall.Oxygen Transport in Fish, M. Nikinmaa and A.Salama.Hematocrit and Blood Oxygen-Carrying Capacity, P. Gallaugher and A.P. Farrell.Carbon Dioxide and Acid-Base Balance:Carbon Dioxide Transport and Excretion, B. Tufts and S.F. Perry.The Linkage Between Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Transport, C.J. Brauner and D.J. Randall.Causes and Consequences of Acid-Base Disequilibria,K. M. Gilmour.Index.


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