Fire Protection Engineering in Building Design book cover

Fire Protection Engineering in Building Design

A clear and concise reference guide on integrating fire protection design, Fire Protection Engineering in Building Design encompasses not only the basic information on the functions, design, and applications of fire protection systems; but also reveals how this information can and should be integrated with every other major engineering discipline.Protecting people, buildings and the environment from the impact of fire requires a comprehensive, systematic approach that includes the analysis of fire hazards as well as the design, installation and maintenance of fire detection, suppression and communications systems. Jane Lataille takes the reader beyond these basic issues and includes information on mitigating potential fire damage through proper design and construction of buildings, industrial processes and utility systems.Through specific examples, the reader sees how fire protection engineering can be integrated with mechanical, electrical, structural, and chemical engineering. The book also includes a section on writing fire protection specifications as well as a comprehensive reference list.

Facility and construction managers, consulting firms, fire protection engineers, architectural engineers, civil engineersStudents in fire protection engineering, fire protection technology, fire science, building systems design, and architectural engineering programsProfessional engineers and architects in continuing education courses (to maintain their licenses)

Hardbound, 133 Pages

Published: September 2002

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-7506-7497-3


  • Fire Protection Engineering is on target. It presents a concise treatment of key issues that all members of a building design team should understand about fire protection engineering and helps them understand why having a qualified fire protection engineer of the team is essential to the success of the project. - Fire Protection Engineering, the official magazine of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers, Winter 2003. Fire Protection Engineering in Building Design by Jane I. Lataille, P.E., is an excellent reference on incorporating fire protection standards compliance into the design of buildings. This handbook should prove useful for engineers involved with commercial building as well as those dealing with industrial structures. - Plant Engineering - February 2004


  • The Importance of Integrating Fire Protection Design; What is Fire Protection Engineering?; The Discipline; The Professional Society; What FPEs Do; How Fire Protection Differs; Functions of Fire Protection Systems; Preventing and Protecting Against Fire; Reasons for Installing Fire Protection Systems; Protecting Assets; Relating Design Features to Function; Performance-Based Fire Protection Design; Design Elements; Fire Science; Design Fire Scenarios; Other Design Considerations; Examples of Performance-Based Design; Prescriptive Fire Protection Design; Desirability of Prescriptive Design; Prescriptive Codes; Inherent Risk; Design Coordination; Interfacing With the Other Disciplines; Architectural; Chemical; Electrical; Mechanical; Structural; Fire Protection for New and Existing Buildings; The Design Process; New Construction; Existing Buildings; Writing Fire Protection Specifications; Coordinating the Specifications; Traditional Project Specifications; Division 13 - Special Construction; Fire Protection References; Related Professional Societies


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