• R. Scott Grasser, Private Investigator is the complete people-finder of the communications age. This timely reference offers proven and effective search techniques for finding anybody, anywhere. The professional techniques described in were developed by the author over many years in military intelligence, international security, and as a professional investigator. Core strategies for conducting adoption, genealogical, and other missing persons investigations are discussed in clear and understandable contains numerous sample search reports, which can be used in conjunction with the author's web site or on their own. The book describes in detail the most powerful communications tools that the Internet and modern technology now provide, combined with a range of other time-honored investigative techniques. R. Scott Grasser is an international security consultant and licensed private investigator. Grasser has both corporate and governmental experience, including a decade as a former Captain with 5th Special Forces Group and the military police. He has successfully taught searching skills to hundreds of students taking his America Online course "Private Investigative Techniques" and as a featured speaker at San Francisco's Bay Area Law Enforcement and Security Liaison Group, ASIS, and North Bay Industrial Security Awareness Council.
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Private investigators, security managers.


Book information

  • Published: December 1997
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-7020-3


The book provides simple investigative resources that can be used by skip tracers, amateur genealogists, and others. . . -Security Management

Table of Contents

Telephone Use and Pretexting (Your most powerful tool!) * The Manual Search of Government Records: County, State, & Federal * World Wide Web On-line Resources * Private On-line Services * Missing Persons Probability Analysis * Adoption * Genealogy * Information Brokers * Ethics and Final Thoughts