Finance Horm. 9. Handbook in Operation Research and Management Science, vol. 9


  • Gerard Meurant

The Handbook of Finance is a primary reference work for financial economics and financial modeling students, faculty and practitioners. The expository treatments are suitable for masters and PhD students, with discussions leading from first principles to current research, with reference to important research works in the area. The Handbook is intended to be a synopsis of the current state of various aspects of the theory of financial economics and its application to important financial problems. The coverage consists of thirty-three chapters written by leading experts in the field. The contributions are in two broad categories: capital markets and corporate finance.
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Book information

  • Published: December 1995
  • Imprint: NORTH-HOLLAND
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-89084-9

Table of Contents

Part A. Capital Markets. Portfolio theory (G.M. Constantinides, A.G. Malliaris). Finite state securities market models and arbitrage (V. Naik). Capital growth theory (N.H. Hakansson, W.T. Ziemba). The arbitrage pricing theory and multifactor models of asset returns (G. Connor, R.A. Korajczyk). Theory and empirical testing of asset pricing models (W.E. Ferson). International portfolio choice and asset pricing: An integrative survey (R.M. Stulz). A discrete time synthesis of derivative security valuation using a term structure of futures prices (P.P. Carr, R.A. Jarrow). Pricing interest rate options (R. Jarrow). Term structure of interest rates and the pricing of fixed income claims and bonds (T.A. Marsh). Program trading and stock index arbitrage (L. Canina, S. Figlewski). Mortgage backed securities (W.N. Torous). Market microstructure (D. Easley, M. O'Hara). Financial decision-making in markets and firms: A behavioral perspective (W.F.M. De Bondt, R.H. Thaler). Volatility (S.F. LeRoy, D.G. Steigerwald). Asset and liability allocation in a global environment (J.M. Mulvey, W.T. Ziemba). Stock market crashes (A.W. Kleidon). On the predictability of common stock returns: World-wide evidence (G. Hawawini, D.B. Keim). Efficiency of sports and lottery betting markets (D.B. Hausch, W.T. Ziemba). Performance evaluation (M. Grinblatt, S. Titman). Market manipulation (J.A. Cherian, R.A. Jarrow). Part B. Corporate Finance. Real options (G. Sick). Corporate financial structure, incentives and optimal contracting (F. Allen, A. Winton). Financing investment under asymmetric information (K. Daniel, S. Titman). Financial structure and the tax system (P. Swoboda, J. Zechner). Dividend policy (F. Allen, R. Michaely). Mergers and acquisitions: Strategic and informational issues (D. Hirshleifer). Financial structure and product market competition (V. Maksimovic). Financial distress, bankruptcy and reorganization (L. Senbet, J.K. Seward). Empirical methods of event studies in corporate finance (R. Thompson). Initial public offerings (R.G. Ibbotson, J.R. Ritter). Seasoned equity offerings: A survey (B.E. Eckbo, R.W. Masulis). Financial intermediation and the market for credit (A.V. Thakor). The U.S. savings and loan crisis (D.H. Pyle). Biographical information. Subject index. Contents of previous volumes.