Film Properties of Plastics and Elastomers book cover

Film Properties of Plastics and Elastomers

Now in its 3e, Film Properties of Plastics and Elastomers, has been extensively revised. This is the only data handbook available on the engineering properties of commercial polymeric films. It details many physical, mechanical, optical, electrical, and permeation properties within the context of specific test parameters, providing a ready reference for comparing materials in the same family as well as materials in different families. Data is presented on the characteristics of 47 major plastic and elastomer packaging materials. New to this edition, the resin chapters each contain textual summary information including category, general description, processing methods, applications, and other facts as appropriate, such as reliability, weatherability, and regulatory approval considerations for use in food and medical packaging. Extensive references are provided.

Hardbound, 408 Pages

Published: April 2012

Imprint: William Andrew

ISBN: 978-1-4557-2551-9


  • Preface
    1. Introduction to Plastics and Polymers
    2. Chapter 2 - Introduction to the Mechanical, Thermal and Permeation Properties of Plastics and Elastomers
    3. Production of films
    4. Markets and Applications for films
    5. Styrenic Plastics
    6. Polyesters
    8. Polyamides (Nylons)
    9. Polyolefins
    10. Polyvinyls & Acrylics
    11. Fluoropolymers
    12. High Temperature/High Performance Polymers
    13. Elastomers and rubbers
    14. Renewable Resource or biodegradable polymers
    Permeation Unit Conversion Factors
    Vapor Transmission rate Conversion factors


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