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Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine

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Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine - based on Dr. Auerbach’s critically acclaimed text Wilderness Medicine - offers fast-access solutions to all of the medical situations that can occur in non-traditional settings. From backpack to kayak, or on any mobile device, this indispensable, compact survival guide is detailed enough to cover the clinical presentation and treatment of a full range of wilderness emergencies!

Primary: Emergency Medicine, Family Practitioners, Emergency Nurses, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, Military Personnel

Paperback, 1024 Pages

Published: May 2013

Imprint: Mosby

ISBN: 978-0-323-10045-8


  • 1 High-Altitude Medicine

     2 Avalanche Safety and Rescue

     3 Hypothermia

     4 Frostbite and Other Cold-Induced Tissue Injuries

     5 Heat Illnesses

     6 Wildland Fires

     7 Burns and Smoke Inhalation

     8 Solar Radiation and Photoprotection

     9 Lightning Injuries

    10 Emergency Airway Management

    11 Emergency Oxygen Administration

    12 Trauma Emergencies: Assessment and Stabilization

    13 Shock

    14 Head Injury

    15 Chest Trauma

    16 Intraabdominal Injuries

    17 Maxillofacial Trauma

    18 Orthopedic Injuries, Splints, and Slings

    19 Firearm and Arrow Injuries/Fishhook Injuries

    20 Lacerations, Abrasions, and Dressings

    21 Sprains and Strains

    22 Foot Problems and Care

    23 Bandaging and Taping Techniques

    24 Pain Management

    25 Life-Threatening Emergencies (Rescue Breathing/CPR/Choking)

    26 Allergic Reactions

    27 Cardiopulmonary Emergencies

    28 Neurologic Emergencies

    29 Diabetic Emergencies

    30 Genitourinary Tract Disorders

    31 Gynecologic and Obstetric Emergencies

    32 Wilderness Eye Emergencies

    33 Ear, Nose, and Throat Emergencies

    34 Dental Emergencies

    35 Mental Health

    36 Global Humanitarian Relief and Disaster Medicine

    37 Snake and Other Reptile Bites

    38 Bites and Stings from Arthropods and Mosquitoes

    39 Protection from Blood-Feeding Arthropods

    40 Toxic Plants

    41 Mushroom Toxicity

    42 Animal Attacks

    43 Zoonoses

    44 Diarrhea and Constipation

    45 Field Water Disinfection

    46 Hydration and Dehydration

    47 Malaria

    48 Travel-Acquired Illnesses

    49 Immunizations for Travel

    50 Drowning and Cold Water Immersion

    51 Scuba Diving-Related Disorders

    52 Injuries from Nonvenomous Aquatic Animals

    53 Envenomation by Marine Life

    54 Seafood Toxidromes

    55 Aquatic Skin Disorders

    56 Search and Rescue

    57 Improvised Litters and Carries

    58 Aeromedical Transport

    59 Survival

    60 Knots

    61 Wilderness Medical Kits

    62 Children in the Wilderness

    63 Emergency Veterinary Medicine

    64 Leave No Trace

    Appendix A Avalanche Resources

    Appendix B Glasgow Coma Scale, Simplified Motor Score, and Other Measures of Responsiveness

    Appendix C SCAT2

    Appendix D Lake Louis Score (LLS) for the Diagnosis of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)

    Appendix E Contingency Supplies for Wilderness Travel

    Appendix F Repair Supplies for Wilderness Travel

    Appendix G Priority First-Aid Equipment

    Appendix H Antimicrobials

    Appendix I Wilderness Eye Kit

    Appendix J Recommended Oral Antibiotics for Prophylaxis of Domestic Animal and Human Bite Wounds
    of Domestic Animal and Human Bite Wounds

    Appendix K Therapy for Parasitic Infections

    Appendix L Sample Basic Wilderness Survival Kit

    Appendix M Sample Winter Survival Kit

    Appendix N Sample Desert Survival Kit

    Appendix 0 Sample Camp and Survival Gear for Jungle Travel

    Appendix P Vehicle Cold Weather Survival Kit

    Appendix Q Pediatric Wilderness Medical Kit: Basic Supplies

    Appendix R Drug Storage and Stability



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