Field Guide to Rivers of North America

Edited by

  • Arthur Benke, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, U.S.A.
  • Colbert Cushing, Streamside Programs, Estes Park, CO, USA

Based on the comprehensive, award-winning book Rivers of North America, the new Field Guide to Rivers of North America describes 200 of North America’s most significant rivers in a reader-friendly, concise format. The guide is organized by geographic regions - each section begins with a map showing the relationship of rivers within one territory and a summary of the region’s most important elements. Each individual river summary includes a two-page spread with a basin map, a full-color photograph and key river characteristics.

The compact format of this guide will be particularly useful to scientists carrying out field research in areas such as field ecology, entomology, botany. It is an easy-to-use reference that can easily be packed away with other scientific gear.

Anglers and recreational boating enthusiasts will find a wealth of information on river topography, native and nonnative fish species, as well as average temperatures that will help them plan their next adventure.

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Ecologists and conservation scientists, as well as nature enthusiasts such as anglers, boaters, river recreationists.


Book information

  • Published: November 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-375088-4

Table of Contents


Chapter 1  Introduction - Arthur C. Benke and Colbert E. Cushing
Chapter 2 Atlantic Coast Rivers of the Northeastern United States - John K. Jackson, Alexander D. Huryn, David L. Strayer, David L. Courtemanch, and Bernard W. Sweeney
Chapter 3  Atlantic Coast Rivers of the Southeastern United States - Leonard A. Smock, Anne B. Wright, and Arthur C. Benke
Chapter 4  Gulf Coast Rivers of the Southeastern United States - G. Milton Ward, Phillip M. Harris, and Amelia K. Ward
Chapter 5  Gulf Coast Rivers of the Southwestern United States - Clifford N. Dahm, Robert J. Edwards, and Frances P. Gelwick
Chapter 6   Lower Mississippi River and its Tributaries - Arthur V. Brown, Kristine B. Brown, Donald C. Jackson, and W. Kevin Pierson
Chapter 7  Southern Plains Rivers - William J. Matthews, Caryn C. Vaughn, Keith B. Gido, and Edie Marsh-Matthews
Chapter 8  Upper Mississippi River Basin - Michael D. Delong
Chapter 9  Ohio River Basin - David White, Karla Johnston, and Michael Miller
Chapter 10  Missouri River Basin - David L. Galat, Charles R. Berry, Jr., Edward J. Peters, and Robert G. White
Chapter 11  Colorado River Basin - Dean W. Blinn and N. LeRoy Poff
Chapter 12  Pacific Coast Rivers of the Coterminous United States - James L. Carter and Vincent H. Resh
Chapter 13     Columbia River Basin - Jack A. Stanford, F. Richard Hauer, Stanley V. Gregory, and Eric B. Snyder
Chapter 14  Great Basin Rivers - Dennis K. Shiozawa and Russell B. Rader
Chapter 15  Fraser River Basin - Trefor B. Reynoldson, Joseph Culp, Rick Lowell, and John S. Richardson
Chapter 16  Pacific Coast Rivers of Canada and Alaska - John S. Richardson and Alexander M. Milner
Chapter 17    Yukon River Basin - Robert C. Bailey
Chapter 18    Mackenzie River Basin - Joseph M. Culp, Terry D. Prowse, and Eric A. Luiker
Chapter 19  Nelson and Churchill River Basins - David M. Rosenberg, Patricia A. Chambers, Joseph M. Culp, William G. Franzin, Patrick A. Nelson, Alex G. Salki, Michael P. Stainton, R. A. Bodaly, and Robert W. Newbury
Chapter 20    Rivers of Arctic North America - Alexander M. Milner, Mark W. Oswood, and Kelly R. Munkittrick
Chapter 21  Atlantic Coast Rivers of Canada - Richard A. Cunjak and Robert W. Newbury
Chapter 22 St. Lawrence River Basin - James H. Thorp, Gary A. Lamberti, and Andrew F. Casper
Chapter 23  Rivers of Mexico - Paul F. Hudson, Dean A. Hendrickson, Arthur C. Benke, Alejandro Varela-Romero, Rocio Rodiles-Hernández, and Wendell L. Minckley

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