Fetal Monitoring in Practice book cover

Fetal Monitoring in Practice

Simple, direct and practical, this popular book has been comprehensively updated to cover recent guidelines and procedures. It offers a practical and accessible approach to fetal monitoring, to ensure both safe delivery and recognising the emotional needs of the mother and family. Essential concepts are presented in an accessible manner, well illustrated with real case histories and heart-rate patterns.


Published: December 2007

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-3294-3


  • 1 Introduction

    2 Clinical assessment and recording

    3 Electronic fetal monitoring: terminology

    4 Control of the fetal heart and NICE guidelines

    5 Cardiotocographic interpretation: the basics

    6 Antepartum fetal surveillance

    7 The admission test by cardiotocography or by auscultation

    8 Cardiotocographic interpretation: clinical scenario

    9 Contraction assessment

    10 Oxytocin and fetal heart rate changes

    11 Cardiotocographic interpretation: more difficult problems

    12 The role of the scalp

    13 Alterntaive methods of intrapartum fetal surveillance

    14 Computer technology and the cardiotocograph

    15 Medico-legal issues

    16 Conclusion


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