Fetal Heart Ultrasound book cover

Fetal Heart Ultrasound

How, Why and When

Fetal Heart Ultrasound, now in its second edition, has been written as a practical guide for the ultrasound examination of the fetal heart. The fetal heart is considered to be the most important and difficult part of a fetal examination. This book aims not only to clarify and simplify the approach to this examination, but also to define what a normal fetal heart should be, and underline just why this organ remains one of the best warning signs for fetal pathology. It will be useful to trainee and practicing ultrasonographers, ultrasound departments providing obstetric ultrasound services, and obstetricians, gynecologists, radiologists and midwives undertaking course in fetal ultrasonography.

Hardbound, 200 Pages

Published: December 2013

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7020-4341-3


    1. Why: fetal heart ultrasound
    2. How: technical aspects
    3. How: anatomic-ultrasound correlations; 3 steps, 10 key points
    4. How: conducting the examination and its pitfalls
    5. Why: critical cardiac pathologies not to be overlooked
    6. When: fetal morphological examination after the discovery of a cardiopathy
    7. Points to remember

    New chapter: First trimester ultrasonography


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