Femtochemistry VII

Fundamental Ultrafast Processes in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology

Edited by

  • Welford Castleman Jr., Departments of Chemistry and Physics, Penn State University, University Park, USA


  • Michele Kimble

Since the emergence of femtochemistry seventeen years ago, remarkable progress has been made and femtosecond spectroscopy devoted to Chemistry and Biology has become a well established field of research, giving rise to femtochemistry and femtobiology. The significance of the field is recognized through its impact around the world, giving rise to numerous conferences which includes the most recent conference from the Femtochemistry Conference Series, Femtochemistry VII.
This title is made up of contributions made from the Femtochemistry VII conference held in Washington D.C., 17-22 July 2005. The stimulating conference was opened by Professor Ahmed Zewail (1999 Nobel Prize Winner), and as was evident by the attendees at the conference, had a very active program with the presentation of numerous talks and a large number of posters. Subjects covered include imaging, structural dynamics, and spectroscopies, fundamentals of reaction dynamics, salvation phenomenta, liquids and interfaces, aggregates/particles/surfaces, protein dynamics and photobiology, quantum control, and intense laser-matter interactions.
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Chemists, physicists and biologists in the fields of atomic and molecular science.


Book information

  • Published: October 2006
  • Imprint: ELSEVIER
  • ISBN: 978-0-444-52821-6

Table of Contents

1. Imaging, Structural Dynamics, Spectroscopies4D Structural Dynamics Ultrafast Wave Packet, Coherent Control and Dissociation DynamicsUltrafast Laser-pump X-ray Probe Measurements of Solvated Transition Metal ComplexesElectron Dynamics of Metal-Carbon ClustersTime Resolved CARS Measurements of I2 in Solid Kr: Vibrational State Dependent Dephasing Times Between 2.6 – 32 KThe Ultrafast Photofragmentation Pathway of N,N-DimethylisopropylamineUltrafast Photofragmentation Dynamics of Gas Phase CH2BrClDetermination of Charge State of Tungsten During Ultrafast Hard X-Ray GenerationMulti-Dimensional fs Spectroscopy of an Excitonic Dimer, Described by Redfield Relaxation TheoryHigh Power Synchronized Femtosecond Ti:Sapphire Laser with Sub-Femtosecond Timing JitterUltrafast Vibrational Evolution of Excited-State Coumarin 153 Using fs/ps CARS as a Transient Raman ProbeDevelopment of fs/ps CARS as a Sub-100 fs Transient Raman ProbeUltrafast Fluorescence Parametric Amplification for Femtosecond Molecular Dynamics ResearchA Density-Functional Study of the Structural, Electronic, and Vibrational Properties of Ti8C12 Metallocarbohedrynes with Relevance to Ultrafast Time-Resolved Spectroscopy 2. Fundamentals of Reaction DynamicsSub 5 fs Spectroscopy of PolydiacetyleneDark Intermediate States in Photochemical Cis-Trans Isomerization and Pericyclic ReactionsMulti-Component Fitting of Cluster DynamicsPhotodissociation of SO2 at 200 nm: Evidence of an Anisotropy Effect Energy Transfer Dynamics in Zn-Porphyrin-Appended DendrimersVectorial Energy Transfer: Direct Measurement of an Intermediate Transfer StepUltrafast Dynamics of Strongly Confined WaterFemtosecond-Domain Dynamical Studies of Energy-Transfer CassettesFluorescence of Polythiophenes: The Effect of Intra- and Interchain Processes on the Excited State DynamicsProbing and Controlling Ultrafast Dynamics of a Molecular Switch3. Solvation Phenomena Solvation and Photochemical Funnels: Environmental Effects on Conical Intersection Structure and DynamicsSimulation of Resonance Raman Spectra of the Solvated Electron in Water and MethanolDynamics Following Charge-Transfer to Solvent in I-(water)n (n = 3 28) Clusters Observed with Photoelectron ImagingUltrafast Photoelectron Imaging of the Electronic Relaxation of a Molecule Deposited at the Surface of an Argon ClusterSolution Femtochemistry of Two Selected H-bonded SystemsSolvent Dependent Conformational Relaxation of cis-1,3,5-Hexatriene4. Liquids and InterfacesVibrational Echo and Pump-Probe Spectroscopic Studies of the Dynamics of Water Molecules Confined to Nanoscopic DimensionsExcited-State Dynamics of the PYP Chromophore in Solution. Environment and Structure EffectsSecond Harmonic and Sum Frequency of Molecules at Aqueous InterfacesSolvation Dynamics in Ionic Liquids, Results from ps and fs Emission SpectroscopyFemtosecond Relaxation Dynamics of Solvated Electrons from Liquid Metal-Ammonia Solutions: Temperature Jump versus Local Density JumpMultiplex Electronic Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy of Dye Molecules at the Air/Water InterfacePhotodetachment of Aqueous Iodide: Variation of the Excitation Energy and Solution Temperature A Combined Femtosecond Fluorescence and TD-DFT Study of Uracil Derivatives in Aqueous Solution5. Aggregates/Particles/SurfacesUltrafast Electronic and Lattice Processes of Plasmonic Nanoparticles of Different ShapeRelaxation of Photoexcited States in Mass-Selected Agn- and AgnO2- ClustersTime-Resolved Single Molecule Spectroscopy of Conjugated Polymer NanoparticlesInfluence of Different Anchor-Bridge Groups on Electron Transfer from the Molecular Chromophore Perylene to the Wide Gap Semiconductor TiO2Electron Transfer from Molecular Chromophores to Semiconductors Probed with Two-Photon-PhotoemissionInterfacial Electron Transfer or Concentration Quenching? 6. Protein Dynamics and PhotobiologyFemtosecond Spectroscopy for the Study of Initial Reactions in Protein FoldingThe Photochemistry of Novel Flavin-Binding PhotoreceptorsElectronic 2D Spectroscopy of Light HarvestingIntermediates in the Ultrafast Repair of DNA by DNA PhotolyaseUltrafast Protein DynamicsA Mechanism of Photo-Labile (De)-Protection in Chemical and Biological Systems Studied by Femtosecond Vibrational SpectroscopyPhotochemistry and Dynamics of Base Pairs2D Electronic Spectroscopy of the B800-B820 LH3 Light-Harvesting ComplexSpectrally Resolved Femtosecond Nonlinear Spectroscopy for the Study of Vibrational Dynamics of Carotenoid Light Harvesting MoleculesUltrafast Studies of the Electronic Structure and Dynamics of B12 CofactorsA Simple Artificial Light Harvesting Dyad as a Mimic of Nonphotochemical Quenching in Green PlantsUltrafast Dynamics of Fluorescent DNA IntercalatorsTwo-Photon Excited-State and Conformation Dynamics of NADH Binding with Dehydrogenases Transient IR and 2D-IR Spectroscopy of Thiopeptide IsomerizationDirect Observation of DNA Repair by PhotolyaseUltrafast Hydration Dynamics in Protein Conformational Transitions Intramolecular Electron Transfer Beyond Solvent Control: Probing Sub-100 fs Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Triarylmethane LactonesFluorescence Dynamics of Coumarin on Montmorillonite StructureFluorescence Anisotropy of Photoactive Yellow Protein (PYP) and Related Systems: Is the Low-Lying Excited State of the PYP Quasi-Degenerate?Light-Driven Enzymatic Reaction in Thermophilic Protochlorophyllide Oxidoreductase7. Quantum ControlConverting Concepts and Dreams of Coherent Control into ApplicationsDesign of Circularly Polarized Laser Pulses for Periodic Electron Circulation in Mg-PorphyrinLearning Feedback Control AnalysisAnalysis and Control of Ultrafast Dynamics in ClustersControlling the Dynamical Pathways in the Ionization Processes of NaK DimersCoherent Control of Isotope Selective Ionization and Fragmentation of PotassiumUnderstanding Learning Control in a Molecular FamilyControlling the Dissociative Ionization of DCl by Femtosecond Laser PulsesSpectrum Control in Femtosecond Time-Resolved SpectroscopyPulse Shaping Control of Spatially Aligned Rotational Wavepackets of N2 and O2“Radiationless” Photon EchoExciton Control in the FMO Complex: Influence of Laser Pulse PolarizationSpin-Orbit Coupling Under ControlQuantitative Phase Characterization and Compensation by Multiphoton Intrapulse Interference Phase Scan (MIIPS) 8. Intense Laser – Matter InteractionsUltrafast Cluster Electron and Coulomb Explosion Dynamics Driven by Ultraintense Laser FieldsNonadiabatic Multielectron Dynamics in (Moderaterately) Strong Laser Fields:C60 a Model Case for Large Finite SystemChirped Photoelectron AttochemistryIntense Femtosecond Laser Driven Explosions of Heteronuclear ClustersSpectral Phase and Detuning Effects in High-Power Chirped Pulse Excitation of a Dye Solution