Female Entrepreneurship in East and South-East Asia book cover

Female Entrepreneurship in East and South-East Asia

Opportunities and Challenges

This detailed study of female entrepreneurship in Asia examines the high economic growth that is increasingly driven by market-oriented economic reforms favouring entrepreneurship. There is a higher awareness by women of their political and socio-economic rights and recognition by society at large of social legitimacy of women pursuing business activities in their own right. This book assesses socio-cultural and economic factors influencing female entrepreneurship in Asia as well as the process and the tools and challenges that accompany it.

Students and academics in Asian studies, international business managers

Hardbound, 260 Pages

Published: August 2010

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-398-1


  • Introduction; The rising tide of entrepreneurship; Historical and current socio-political and economic context of female entrepreneurship; Evolution of the concept of female entrepreneurship and the reality of women-owned businesses; The institutional environment of female entrepreneurship; Women in the labour market; Public policy supporting female entrepreneurship; Results of the field survey; Conclusions.


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