Fault Mechanics and Transport Properties of Rocks, 51

Edited By

  • Brian Evans, Department of Earth, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Teng-fong Wong, Dept. of Earth and Space Sciences


Graduate students and researchers in geophysics, seismology, physical/structural geology, mineralogy, and materials science.


Book information

  • Published: August 1992
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-243780-9

Table of Contents

Brittle Failure of Rocks: D.A. Lockner, J.D. Byerlee, V. Kuksenko, A. Ponomarev, and A. Sidorin, Observations of Quasistatic Fault Growth from Acoustic Emissions. J.M. Logan, C.A. Dengo, N.G. Higgs, and Z.Z. Wang, Fabrics of Experimental Fault Zones: Their Development and Relationship to Mechanical Behavior. C. Morrow, B. Radney, and J.D. Byerlee, Frictional Strength and the Effective Pressure Law of Montmorillonite and Illite Clays. J. Tullis and R. Yund, TheBrittle--Ductile Transition in Feldspar Aggregates: An Experimental Study. T.-f. Wong, Y. Gu, T. Yanagidani, and Y. Zhao, Stabilization of Faulting by Cumulative Slip. Permeability and Fluid Flow in Rocks: Y. Bernab*aa, On the Measurement of Permeability in Anisotropic Rocks. S.C. Blair and J.G. Berryman, Permeability and Relative Permeability in Rocks. G.J. Fischer, The Determination of Permeability and Storage Capacity: Pore Pressure Oscillation Method. G.J. Fischer and M.S, Paterson, Measurement of Permeability and Storage Capacity in Rocks During Deformation at High Temperature and Pressure. S.H. Hickman and B. Evans, Growth of Grain Contacts in Halite by Solution-transfer: Implications for Diagenesis, Lithification, and Strength Recovery. G.N., Riley Jr. and D.L. Kohlstedt, The Influence of H20 and CO2 on Melt Migration in Two Silicate Liquid--Olivine Systems.Fracture Characterization and Physical Properties of Rock: A. Lacazette and T. Engelder, Fluid-driven Cyclic Propagation of a Joint in the Ithaca Siltstone, Appalachian Basin, New York. R.J. Martin, The Influence of Hydrostatic and Uniaxial Stress on Remanent Magnetization. P.A. Scott, T. Engelder, and J.J. Mecholsky, Jr., The Correlation Between Fracture-toughness Anisotropy and Crack-surface Morphology of Siltstones in the Ithaca Formation, Appalachian Basin. E.S. Sprunt, CT Imaging of Electrical Resistivity Measurements: Nonuniform Water Saturation Can Be A Problem. M.N. Toks*agoz, C.H. Cheng, and R.D. Cicerone, Fracture Detection and Characterization fromHydrophone Vertical Seismic Profiling Data. Implications of Rock Mechanics on Crustal Tectonics: E.G. Bombolakis, Role of Elastic Stiffness and Fault Damping During Thrust-sheet Emplacement in a Foreland Belt. P. Molnar, Brace-Goetze Strength Profiles, The Partitioning of Strike-slip and Thrust Faulting at Zones of Oblique Convergence, and the Stress*b1Heat Flow Paradox of the San Andreas Fault.A. Nur and J. Walder, Hydraulic Pulses in the Earth's Crust. J.R. Rice, Fault Stress States, Pore Pressure Distributions, and the Weakness of the San Andreas Fault. C.H. Scholz, Paradigms of Small Changes in Earthquake Mechanics. Index.