Facilities Management and the Business of Space book cover

Facilities Management and the Business of Space

Essential reading for building owners, facilities managers, architects and surveyors, this book will also prove useful on business management and facilities management courses, and for those studying architecture, surveying and real estate management.

Facilities managers, architects, surveyors, office managers, engineers - those involved professionally in the design and use of space.


Published: September 1999

Imprint: Butterworth Heinemann

ISBN: 978-0-340-71964-0


  • "well-referenced ... provides a good introduction ... written in a highly accessible and pragmatic manner ... the authors stimulate off-the-page thinking ... " Dr J. Hinks in Facilities "If you need to brush up on your space planning and management skills, Wes McGregor and Danny Then have written the book for you ... a detailed look at the processes involved in space planning" Workplace


  • The context of space planning * The space planning process * Assessing demand - the organisation's needs * Assessing supply - the building audit * Matching demand and supply - the outcome * Managing space demand over time * The future of workspace management * Glossary of terms * Bibliography.


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