Faber & Kell's Heating and Air Conditioning of Buildings


  • Doug Oughton, Consultant, Faber Maunsell
  • Steve Hodkinson, BTech, CEng, MCIBSE, MInstE, Managing Director, Faber Maunsell

"Faber and Kell" has for over fifty years been accepted as the most practical and comprehensive book on heating and air conditioning design and is regarded as the standard reference book for both students and practitioners. In order to provide up-to-date information, this ninth edition has been revised to include the latest changes to system design and covers many aspects in greater depth, whilst still retaining the character of previous editions.Building services engineers, architects and others involved in the construction industry will find no better place for accessible and easily assimilated information on all aspects of the heating and air conditioning of buildings.
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Professional and student Building Services Engineers.


Book information

  • Published: December 2001
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-4642-0


'Heating and Air-conditioning in Buildings' has long been regarded as a standard reference book for students and practitioners...The 9th edition has been updated to to deal with the requirments of of the Building Regulations Part L and includes the latest changes to system designs.' Heating Ventilating and Plumbing, April 2002

Table of Contents

Fundamentals; The building in winter; The building in summer; Survey of heating methods; Electrical storage heating; Indirect heating systems; Heat emitting equipment; Pumps and other auxiliary equipment; Piping design for indirect heating systems; Boilers and firing equipment; Fuels, storage and handling; Combustion and chimneys; Ventilation; Air conditioning; Air distribution; Ductwork design; Fans and air treatment equipment; Calculations for air-conditioning design; Refrigeration: water chillers and heat pumps; Hot water supply systems; Piping design for central hot water supply systems; Automatic controls and building management systems; Running costs; Combined heat and power (CHP); Appendix I Temperature levels; Appendix II SI unit symbols; Appendix III Conversion factors; Index.