Eye Essentials for Every Doctor book cover

Eye Essentials for Every Doctor

A symptom-based ophthalmology text, ideal for the non-specialist physician.

Eye Essentials for Every Doctor is a pocket-sized, symptom-based book on ophthalmology. The content in this excellent medical resource is designed to guide non-specialists towards efficient and safe diagnosis, and onward referral where necessary.

Chapters in this revised edition are organised around common presenting symptoms and incorporate helpful colour illustrations. Beginning from the presenting complaint - red eye, loss of vision or floating spots, for example - this concise ophthalmology text incorporates diagnostic flowcharts to guide readers towards correct diagnosis and management.

As well as dealing with specific eye symptoms, Eye Essentials for Every Doctor offers guidance on how to examine an eye patient, how to identify a patient in need of eye disease screening and basic eye procedures.

This is the ideal ophthalmology textbook for the non-specialist whose main priority is to detect serious eye disease. Eye Essentials for Every Doctor is therefore an excellent addition to the bookshelves of GPs and GP registrars in training, clinical-year medical students on GP rotation, JMOs in emergency departments, optometrists, nurse practitioners and AMC candidates.


Published: September 2012

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7295-4083-4


  • Introduction. Staying out of trouble with eyes. How to examine an eye patient. Visual loss. The red eye. Eye trauma. Turned eye/double vision. Abnormal appearance of the eyes or eyelids. Watery, itchy or gritty eyes. Other eye symptoms. Who needs screening for eye disease ? Basic eye procedures.


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