Extracellular Matrix Assembly and Structure book cover

Extracellular Matrix Assembly and Structure


Published: March 1994

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-12-775170-2


  • "I liked this book very much, it will play a very useful role in my research and I can heartily recommend its purchase and wide-spread use."


  • J. Engel, Concepts of Self-Assembly in Biological Systems.A. Veils and A. George, Fundamentals of Interstitial Collagen Self-Assembly.D.J. Prockop and D.J.S. Hulmes, Assembly of Collagen Fibrilsde Novo from Soluble Precursors: Polymerization and Copolymerization of Procollagen, pN-Collagen, and Mutated Collagens.D.E. Birk and T.F. Linsenmayer, Collagen Fibril Assembly, Deposition, and Organization into Tissue- Specific Matrices.R.G. Brewton and R. Mayne, Heterotypic Type II, IX, and XI Fibrils: Comparison of Vitreous and Cartilage Forms.T.M. Schmid, A.A. Cole, Q. Chen, D.K. Bonen, L. Luchene, and T.F. Linsenmayer, Assembly of Type X Collagen by Hypertrophic Chondrocytes.R. Timpl and M.-L. Chu, Microfibrillar Collagen Type VI.K.G. Vogel, Glycosaminoglycans and Proteoglycans.R.P. Mecham and E.C. Davis, Elastic Fiber Structure and Assembly.D.M.P. Peters and D.F. Mosher, Formation ofFibronectin Extracellular Matrix.P.D. Yurchenco, Assembly of Laminin and Type IV Collagen into Basement Membrane Networks.U. Mayer and R. Timpl, Nidogen: A Versatile Binding Protein of Basement Membranes.D.R. Gerecke, M.K. Gordon,D.W. Wagman, M.F. Champliaud, and R.E. Burgeson, Hemidesmosomes, Anchoring Filaments, and Anchoring Fibrils: Components of a Unique Attachment Complex.J.M. Fitch and T.F. Linsenmayer, Interstitial Basement Membrane Components in Development.Chapter References.Index.


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