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External Quality Audit

Has It Improved Quality Assurance in Universities?

Whilst external quality audits have been in place for more than a decade in some countries, limited research exists on the extent to which such audits have been effective in improving systems and processes for quality assurance in higher education institutions, and the extent to which such audits have improved academic standards, outcomes and student experience. External Quality Audit looks at the experience of countries where external quality audits have been established by governments, and provides analyses of their effectiveness in improving quality assurance in universities and other higher education institutions.

Academic and non-academic quality practitioners who have interests in higher education quality assurance, and government departments with responsibilities for higher education policy and direction

Paperback, 308 Pages

Published: March 2013

Imprint: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-84334-676-0


  • Quality assurance - corporate fist in a velvet glove? The impact of external quality audit in a private for-profit tertiary education institution; Multiple views of quality audits in New Zealand: A case for advancing systemic understanding; Reflections on the effectiveness of four cycles of external quality audits in New Zealand universities; Enhancing quality assurance in an institution: The University of the South Pacific experience of an external audit; Quality audits in Hong Kong: Seeking evidence of quality enhancement; External quality audits and quality assurance in the higher education sector: The Malaysian perspective; External quality audit in the UK: An impact analysis; Effect of external quality agencies on universities in India; External quality audits in South African higher education: Goals, outcomes and challenges; Development, effectiveness and future of quality assurance and assessment in Italian higher education; Audits of quality assurance systems of higher education institutions in Finland; External quality auditing: Strengths and shortcomings in the audit process; Institutional management and quality audit: The experience in Chile; Scope, transparency and style: System-level quality strategies and the student experience in Australia; Accreditation and institutional learning: The impact interactions based on a minimaxing strategy have on the benefits from external reviews; Has it worked globally?


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