Expression of Recombinant Genes in Eukaryotic Systems, 306

  • John Abelson, California Institute of Technology, Division of Biology, Pasadena, U.S.A.
    • Melvin Simon, California Institute of Technology, Division of Biology, Pasadena, U.S.A.
      • Joseph Glorioso, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
        • Martin Schmidt, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


        Biochemists, geneticists, molecular biologists, genetic engineers, biotechnologists, microbiologists, biomedical researchers, immunologists, and virologists.


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  • Published: July 1999
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-182207-1


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Table of Contents

Analysis of Gene Expression:E.A. Winzeler, M. Schena, and R.W. Davis, Fluorescence-Based Expression Monitoring Using Microarrays.S. Geisse and H.P. Kocher, Protein Expression in Mammalian and Insect Cell Systems.S. Fiering, M.A. Bender, and M. Groudine, Analysis of Mammalian Cis-Regulatory DNA Elements by Homologous Recombination.M.W. Sornson and M.G. Rosenfeld, GDRDA-Based Positional Cloning and Snorthern Analysis of Candidate Genes.Gene Expression Systems for Functional Analysis:B. Zhang, B. Kraemer, D. SenGupta, S. Fields, and M. Wickens, Yeast Three-Hybrid System to Detect and Analyze Interactions Between RNA and Protein.L.R. Manning, A. Dumoulin, W.T. Jenkins, R.M. Winslow, and J.M. Manning, Estimating Subunit Dissociation Constants in Natural and Recombinant Proteins.P.P. D'Avino and C.S. Thummel, Ectopic Expression Systems in Drosophila.Yeast Expression Systems:S. Labbé and D.J. Thiele, Copper Ion Inducible and Repressible Promoter Systems in Yeast.S.A. Rosenfeld, Use of Pichia pastoris for Expression of Recombinant Proteins.L.A. Coury, M.L. Zeidel, and J.L. Brodsky, Use of Yeast sec6 Mutant for Purification of Vesicles Containing Recombinant Membrane Proteins.K.R. Peterson, Use of Yeast Artificial Chromosomes to Express Genes in Transgenic Mice.RNA-Based Control of Recombinant Gene Expression:M. Krüger, C. Beger, and F. Wong-Staal, Use of Ribozymes to Inhibit Gene Expression.J.L. Davis, P.R. Gross, and O. Danos, Translational Control of Gene Expression Using Retroviral Vectors with Iron Response Elements.J.D. Thompson, Strategies to Express Structural and Catalytic RNAs in Mammalian Cells.R. Pollock and V.M. Rivera, Regulation of Gene Expression with Synthetic Dimerizers.Y. Wang, S.Y. Tsai, and B.W. O'Malley, Antiprogestin Regulable Gene Switch for Induction of Gene Expression in Vivo.Viral Systems for Recombinant Gene Expression:P. Cantalupo, M.T. Saenz-Robles, and J.M. Pipas, Expression of SV40 Large T Antigen in Baculovirus Systems and Purification by Immunoaffinity Chromatography.D. Mackey and B. Sugden, Applications of oriP Plasmids and Their Mode of Replication.I. Verma, Gene Vector Development and Regulated Gene Expression in Viral Vectors.S. Khan, HPV Vectors for Gene Transfer and Gene Expression in vivo.B. Moss, Use of Poxvirus Expression Vectors.M.E. Garber, P. Wei, G. Cadenas, and K.A. Jones, Protein and RNA Affinity Selection Techniques Using HIV-1 Tat.N.A. DeLuca, Understanding of HSV Gene Regulation in vivo.F. Tufaro, Genetic Manipulation of HSV Using Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes.