Expertise in Physical Therapy Practice book cover

Expertise in Physical Therapy Practice

This comprehensive text examines what it takes to progress toward - and ultimately become - an expert in physical therapy. It explores multiple dimensions of expertise: how expert practitioners develop, what knowledge they use, where they acquire that knowledge, how they think and reason, how they make decisions, and how they perform in practice to demonstrate what it takes to progress and ultimately become an expert in physical therapy.

Paperback, 352 Pages

Published: September 2006

Imprint: Saunders

ISBN: 978-1-4160-0214-7


  • Part I. Studying Expertise: Purpose, Concepts, and Tools

    1. Professional Life: Issues of Health Care, Education, and Development

    2. Understanding Expertise: Connecting Research and Theory to Physical Therapy

    3. Methods for Exploring Expertise

    Part II. Portraits of Expertise in Physical Therapy

    4. Expert Practice in Pediatrics: When Work is Play

    5. Expert Practice in Geriatrics: You’re Never Too Old

    6. Experienced Practice in Neurological Rehabilitation: Experts in the Making

    7. Expert Practice in Orthopedics: Competence, Collaboration, and Compassion

    8. Expert Practice in Physical Therapy

    9. Postscript: The Voices of our Experts - Ten Years Later

    Part III. Lessons Learned and Applied

    10. Expert Practice and Clinical Outcomes

    11. Clinical Reasoning and Expert Practice

    12. Situated Expertise: The Wisdom of Practice in a Transdisciplinary Rehabilitation Clinic

    13. Implications for Practice: Applying the Dimensions of Expertise for Staff Professional Development

    Part IV. Pursuing Expertise in Physical Therapy

    14. Inquiry into Expertise: Future Directions

    15. Implications for Doctoral Level Education in Physical Therapy

    16. Implications for Practice and Professional Development

    Appendix: Data Collection Tools


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