Experimental Methods in Kinetic Studies book cover

Experimental Methods in Kinetic Studies

This book is a guide to kinetic studies of reaction mechanisms. It reviews conventional reactor types and data collection methods, and introduces a new methodology for data collection using Temperature Scanning Reactors (TSR). It provides a theoretical and practical approach to temperature scanning (TS) methodology and supports a revival of kinetic studies as a useful approach to the fundamental understanding of chemical reaction mechanisms and the consequential reaction kinetics.

Professors, research directors, and individual researchers and teachers in kinetics, catalyst development and evaluation, reactor and process design. Industrial workers in catalyst development and process design. University departments and libraries for chemical engineering. Industry laboratories for chemical, petrochemical and catalysis research and development.

Hardbound, 322 Pages

Published: February 2003

Imprint: Elsevier

ISBN: 978-0-444-51314-4


  • 1. Reactor Types and their Characteristics2. Collecting Data under Isothermal Operation3. Using Kinetic Data in Reaction Studies4. Difficulties with Mechanistic Rate Expressions5. The Theory of Temperature Scanning Operation 6. Verification of Kinetic Dominance7. Processing of Data8. Fitting Rate Expressions to TSR Data9. Interpretation of Rate Parameters 10. Statistical Evaluation of Multiparameter Fits11. Experimental Studies Using TSR Methods12. Using a Mechanistic Rate Expression13. TSR Hardware ConfigurationsReferencesIndex


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