Experiment and Calculation of Reinforced Concrete at Elevated Temperatures

Concrete as a construction material goes through both physical and chemical changes under extreme elevated temperatures. As one of the most widely used building materials, it is important that both engineers and architects are able to understand and predict its behavior in under extreme heat conditions. Brief and readable, this book provides the tools and techniques to properly analysis the effects of high temperature of reinforced concrete which will lead to more stable, safer structures.

Based on years of the author’s research, Reinforced Concrete at Elevated Temperatures four part treatment starts with an unambiguous and thorough exposition of the mechanical behaviors of materials at elevated temperature followed by a discussion of Temperature field of member sections, Mechanical behaviors of members and structures at elevated temperature, ending with Theoretical analysis and practical calculation methods. The book provides unique insight into:

  • Coupling thermal-mechanical constitutive relation of concrete
  • Exceptional analyses of beams and columns of rectangular section with three surfaces and two adjacent surfaces exposing to high temperature
  • Measurement and analysis of redistribution of internal forces of statically indeterminate structure during heating-loading process
  • Finite element analysis and calculation charts for two-dimensional temperature field of structural members
  • Finite element analysis and simplified calculation method for reinforced concrete structure at elevated temperature

With this book, engineers and architects can effectively analyze the effect of high temperature on concrete and materials which will lead to better designs of fire resistant and damage evaluation and treatment after fire.

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Civil Engineers, Construction Engineers, Builders, Structural Engineers, Earthquake Engineers, and Architects


Book information

  • Published: June 2011
  • ISBN: 978-0-12-386962-3

Table of Contents

Part One - Mechanical behaviors of materials at elevated temperature
Chapter 1 Strength of concrete at elevated temperature
Chapter 2 Deformation of concrete at elevated temperature
Chapter 3 Temperature - stress paths and coupling constitutive relation of concrete
Chapter 4 Mechanical behavior and constitutive relation of reinforcement at elevated temperature
Part Two - Temperature field of member section
Chapter 5 Temperature - time curve of fire and equation of heat conduction
Chapter 6 Theoretical analysis of temperature field
Chapter 7 Charts for temperature field on cross-section
Part Three - Mechanical behaviors of members and structures at elevated temperature
Chapter 8 Behaviors of flexural members at elevated temperature
Chapter 9 Behaviors of compressive members at elevated temperature
Chapter 10 Behaviors of statically indeterminate structures at elevated temperature
Part Four - Theoretical analysis and practical calculation method
Chapter 11 General mechanical characteristics of non-homogeneous section
Chapter 12 Finite element analysis of loading process for the structures
Chapter 13 Practical calculation methods for ultimate strengths of member and structure at elevated temperature
Chapter 14 Fire resistance analysis and damage grade evaluation of structure