Executive Leadership book cover

Executive Leadership

Building World-Class Organizations

This book provides a genuine understanding of practical leadership based upon years of research and development. It identifies the essential components of leadership, and supplies guidelines for developing and implementing those skills. Clear, straightforward explanations and examples direct executives on how to establish objectives, delegate authority, direct subordinates, and motivate the team. Executive Leadership supplies a comprehensive analysis of effective leadership at senior levels and presents a model for establishing an efficient and productive workplace. Joseph A. Olmstead, Ph.D., is vice-president for product development with the Vanguard Research Group. His experience includes 22 years as a senior staff scientist and a program director for the Human Resources Research Organization. Dr. Olmstead is the author of numerous books on leadership and organizational effectiveness

CEOs/Senior Managers; intermediate managers; Executive development programs, MBA students


Published: January 2000

Imprint: Gulf Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-87719-369-2


  • Part I: The Executive as Leader. Requirements for Leadership. The Nature of Leadership. Leadership at Senior Levels. Part II: Executives and Their Organizations. The Effective Organization. The Work Context. Part III: Processes of Executive Influence. Goals and Goal Setting. Power and Authority. Control and Constraints. Communication. Part IV: Executives and Their Subordinates. Leading Subordinates. Directing Subordinates. Part V: Conclusion. The Effective Leader. Toward Functionally Competent Organizations. References. Appendix: Annotated Bibliography of Basic Sources. Index.


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