Exchange Behavior in Selling and Sales Management


  • Peng Sheng, Visiting Professor, North University of China; CEO, Beijing Time Sonic Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Aziz Guergachi, Associate Professor, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

Exchange Behavior in Selling and Sales Management presents a pragmatic and easy-to-implement framework for the successful operation of selling and sales management. Focused specifically on the value-exchange behavior of buyers and sellers, the book is composed of eight fundamental building blocks, which provide:* A revolutionary framework to describe the dynamics of consumer and organizational buying processes* A scientific, analytical approach to the personal elements in selling * A much needed insight into the personal interactions between buyers and sellers, both the implicit and explicit * A new and unique structure which integrates psychographic data mining and modeling techniques in a sales context, for the first time Exchange Behavior in Selling and Sales Management reflects selling and sales management practices within the field, based upon the extensive experience of the authors and other contributors. It is essential reading for advanced students, practitioners and researchers in sales and marketing.
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Academic researchers in Sales Management; graduate/MBA and upper-level undergraduates in Sales Management; Sales Management professionals


Book information

  • Published: January 2008
  • ISBN: 978-0-7506-8590-0

Table of Contents

Preface; Acknowledgements; Introduction; PART I: Exchange Behavior in Selling and Sales Management (X-Be); Chapter 1: Overview of the (1+7) Elements of X-Be; Chapter 2: Phases of the Purchase Process Model − Value Formation and Exchange on the Part of Customer; Chapter 3: Key Persons and Core Opinion Leaders – Value Roles on the Part of Customer; Chapter 4: Views on Criteria − Base for Judging Value; Chapter 5: Buying Points and Selling Points − Expression of Customer Value; Chapter 6: Deliverability and Integrated Product − Totality of a Purchase in Terms of Value; Chapter 7: Appropriate Communicators and Networked Resources − Facilitators of Value Formation and Exchange ; Chapter 8: Selling Status Indices - Measures for Monitoring the Value Integration Process; Chapter 9: Dealing with Competition - an Approach from the Perspective of Customer Value ; Chapter 10: Putting the Elements Together - A Roadmap for Effective Selling and Sales Management; Part II: Theoretical Foundations and Advanced Topics; Chapter 11: Theoretical Foundations; Chapter 12: Advanced Topics for Researchers; References