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Examination Anaesthesia

The updated guide to the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists final fellowship examination

The format of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA) final examination has evolved in recent years. This updated exam guide keeps pace with these developments and assists anaesthetic trainees in preparation for the exam.

Examination Anaesthesia, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive study guide that focuses solely on the anaesthetic exam, eliminating confusion between this and the intensive care exams.

This invaluable medical text itemises all requirements of the Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (FANZCA) training scheme.

Components of the final examination are also detailed, including a breakdown of the marking scheme and recent results.

Helpful resources outlined in Examination Anaesthesia, 2nd Edition include new developments on the ANZCA website, textbooks, journals and exam courses along with a broad list of anaesthesia reference and review articles.

Trainees will also benefit from separate chapters based on the major components of the written and clinical ANZCA examinations, plus practical strategies for restructuring life around exam preparation.

Paperback, 241 Pages

Published: December 2010

Imprint: Churchill Livingstone

ISBN: 978-0-7295-3947-0


  • Foreword



    List of abbreviations

    Chapter 1: Overview of the FANZCA final examination

    Chapter 2: Preparation for the final examination

    Chapter 3: The written examination

    Chapter 4: The medical vivas

    Chapter 5: The anaesthesia vivas

    Chapter 6: Data interpretation for the ANZCA examination

    Chapter 7: Useful reference and review articles



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