Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment book cover

Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment

In the United States, substance abuse treatment programs are being mandated to provide evidence-based treatment, with funding and insurance reimbursement being contingent on their doing so. Up until now, inconsistent practices based on clinical experience and intuition rather than hard scientific evidence of treatment efficacy have been the basis of textbooks. This graduate level textbook will provide clinical psychology students and psychiatry residents a state-of-the-art compilation of evidence-based practices in the assessment and treatment of addictions. This textbook will be more clinically useful than anything currently on the market and will better prepare students for the demands faced in private and institutional practice.

Primary Graduate level Clinical Psychology students in Addiction program or taking an elective Addiction Assessment & Treatment course, as well as Psychiatry residents taking Addiction didactics. Secondary Practicing clinicians treating patients with addictive disorders.

CD-ROM, 500 pages

Published: August 2009

Imprint: Academic Press

ISBN: 978-0-08-092190-7


  • PART I: INTRODUCTION TO EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICESHistorical View of Addiction TreatmentWhat is Evidence-Based Treatment?The Future of Non-Evidence-Based TreatmentsThe Clinical Course of Addiction TreatmentPART II: CLINICAL ASSESSMENTHistory and Current Substance UseDiagnosis and DependenceCo-MorbiditiesIndividualized Problem AssessmentPART III: TREATMENT METHODSCognitive-Behavioral TherapyMotivational InterviewingRelapse PreventionSocial Skills TrainingBehavioral Marital TherapyCommunity Reinforcement ApproachBrief InterventionAdjunctive PharmacotherapyPART IV: MONITORING TREATMENT EFFECTIVENESSSubstance UseCo-MorbiditiesIndividualized Problems Associated with AddictionPART V: PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHERTreatment Planning; Case StudiesPART VI: FUTURE DIRECTIONSAdoption and Implementation of Evidence-Based TreatmentA Look toward the Future


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